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Wear It Like You Mean It

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Safety is obviously a major issue for skilled tradies.

We know all too well of the accidents that can happen when working in the construction industry. As a last line of defense you should always wear the correct personal protective equipment. PPE is used to minimise risk and protect workers against health or safety hazards on the job site.

From top to bottom, let’s go through some of the major wearable safeguards to shield you from danger and to conserve your wellbeing at work.

Safety Glasses: All In Favour Say “Eye!”

The eyes are the most complex and fragile parts of our body and vision is a vital sense that we need to maintain for work. From flying debris and dust particles in the air to sun glare and UV rays, a good pair of safety glasses or goggles can save your eyesight on the job site. See what I did there?

Hearing Protection Is A Sound Investment

Industrial noise is often discounted as an occupational hazard since it isn’t visible, but many of us use machinery that is well beyond the decibels of safe practice and any length of exposure can do permanent damage to your hearing.

Earplugs are effective for reducing low-frequency noise, plus they’re cheap. Earmuffs are more effective in reducing high-frequency noise and are convenient because you can quickly take them on and off. Sounds good to me.

Breathe Easy Or Become Wheezy

Respiratory protection is vital on work sites where airborne substances are present. For vapours, smoke, powder, fibres, dirt or dust, a face mask that covers the nose and mouth can offer protection against fine but dangerous particles. If the materials are truly toxic, a full-face mask is a no-brainer. Give those lungs a breath of fresh air.

You Gotta Hand It To Gloves; They Keep You Safe

Construction jobs typically require the use of hands. Gloves are an essential item in providing surface protection to these crucial appendages. Not only reducing the spread of skin diseases and infections, gloves can safeguard your digits from abrasions, extreme temperatures, cuts, punctures, electric shocks, chemicals, vibrations and more. Put your hands together for gloves.

Can’t Stand It If The Boots Don’t Protect

You’re on your feet all day and safety shoes and boots are the ideal solution to protect the hooves against falling objects from above and stepping on sole-piercing fragments below. An antiskid sole is useful when working in damp or slippery environments and then general comfort and ankle support is important too. Kick any bad habits and always slip on the appropriate safety footwear.

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