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Versatile Infrared Scanner

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Bosch Blue
Store and transfer your temperature, thermal bridge and dew point measurements with Bosch Blue’s new Infrared Scanner.

Bosch Blue

Capturing, documenting and sending detailed temperature measurements has never been easier thanks to the Bosch Blue GIS 1000 C Professional Infrared Scanner. Never again risk losing your measurement data through manual transfers because the GIS 1000 C allows users to store all data and photos taken internally and conveniently document results.

Quickly identify problem areas with the highest precision thanks to the Infrared Scanner’s high accuracy of ±1.0°C with a wide temperature range of -40°C to +1000°C. In addition, accurate ambient temperature and relative humidity levels of ±2 per cent can be recorded due to the precise exposed sensor.

Thanks to the integrated visual camera, data can be transferred with ease via the Bluetooth interface in the specially designed Bosch App that’s compatible on any smartphone or tablet. Data transfer can also be achieved using a micro USB cable, which can enable use of data on a PC or laptop.

All thermo data collected can be filed and managed in purpose-created folders on the convenient, easy-to-read 2.8-inch colour display screen. This ensures users can keep track of data from multiple jobs at the one time – making the Bosch Blue GIS 1000 C Infrared Scanner one of the most user-friendly measurement devices on the market.

Once the data is stored it can also be seamlessly shared as a PDF document through emails.

Particularly useful for painters, floor layers and door/window installers, the GIS 1000 C can be used to quickly and easily track down thermal bridges and mould risk areas. Electricians will also benefit from using the Infrared Scanner, allowing them to easily find defective and overheated fuses, while also being able to locate loose cable connectors – making work on the job safer and more efficient.

The precise external sensor – designed to measure room and/or surface temperature as well as relative humidity – will prove extremely useful for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning service professionals who need to check various ambient conditions.

The Bosch Blue GIS 1000 C Professional Infrared Scanner is one of the most versatile Infrared Scanners on the market because it offers trade professionals four different operation modes:

  • Surface Temperature Mode indicates measured surface temperatures only. Users can measure areas with a difference of more than 3°C range, as a result the minimum and maximum temperatures are shown on the end of the scale depicted on the colour display screen
  • Thermal Bridge Mode gives an acoustic and visual signal when a predefinded deviation between room temperature and surface temperature is exceeded. This makes looking for thermal bridges extremely easy because detection is acheived in a matter of seconds, which helps prevent energy loss and cold areas in buildings
  • Dew Point Mode also gives professionals an acoustic and visual signal but when a surface temperature approaches the calculated dew point (i.e. where relative humidity in the air would condensate on the wall). In this mode the user can easily check if the measured area is critical and in threat of mould
  • User Mode enables users to show only the measurement values that are relevant to their job. Users can manually set the temperature scale and selectively tick/un-tick temperature values, which they want to see/hide, allowing for relevant jobs to be completed much quicker


Available at leading trade dealers from $499 RRP, get your hands on Bosch Blue’s GIS 1000 C Professional Infrared Scanner today to ensure all your temperature and humidity measurements are captured and documented with supreme accuracy and convenience.


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