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Verizon Connect Keep On Tracking

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Imagine being able to monitor all of your onsite machinery at all times, even when you’re not there. Further still, imagine if you could also track your entire fleet of off-site vehicles that are on the go, and more importantly, closely watch over the crew that’s driving them.

With their highly advanced yet easy to use GPS tracking software, Verizon Connect electronically collects all of this crucial workforce data and relays it through their app straight to your phone, giving you the information and power to work smarter, not harder.

First, Let’s Backtrack

Without getting into a full history lesson, here’s a quick bit of background: Verizon Connect is part of Verizon Communications – formerly Bell Atlantic– one of the largest multinational telecommunications companies in the world. A couple of years ago Verizon bought fleet-management software company Fleetmatics for a lazy $2.4 billion and has since set out to improve the technology, add more application features and expand their reach to become a global phenomenon.

Backed by decades of innovation and groundbreaking network technology, Verizon Connect can now boast that it has the largest GPS fleet management system in the world; tracking more vehicles and servicing more customers than anyone else in the telematics industry. The company has over 3500 dedicated employees in 15 countries around the world. With Australia’s large land mass, the distances we travel and the strong mining, building and civil infrastructure industries that are moving us forward, we are the perfect candidate for Verizon Connect apps, and it shows with more and more Aussies now using the software solutions.

Data To Work Smarter

Seeing is believing and you can see everything with Verizon Connect’s advanced GPS tracking solutions. For those looking after a team of workers who are out driving trucks and picking up materials in the trade ute, the application allows you to pin-point real-time locations, optimise routes, plan itineraries, estimate arrivals and record times. You can quickly dispatch the nearest mobile member with the right skills and vehicles for the job. It can then let you know if a driver is straying off course, is experiencing delays or is even speeding excessively or braking too hard.

Through an onboard device the drivers themselves can easily be given directions, work order notes, job schedules, training videos and other in-cab alerts. They can also gauge their own performance with personalised leaderboard apps that allow them to review their driving skills.

Jim McKinlay is the Asia-Pacific General Manager at Verizon Connect and he understands the applications and knows the benefits better than anyone. “Our software provides data insights that enable customers to be more informed about vehicle and worker locations, efficiency, safety and productivity,” he said. “This is made possible through our easy-to-use user interface that offers complete visibility of the fleet and helps manage a business’s entire mobile workforce.”

Big Eye On Your Big Equipment

Your heavy-duty machinery can be the lifeblood of your business, and such valuable assets should be looked after accordingly. The problem is it’s often hard to keep track of what’s really happening out in the field and so earthmoving equipment is constantly being underutilised and mistreated.

Verizon Connect’s asset tracking systems allow you to keep an eye on all your machines from one dashboard. You can see their precise location, you can monitor who is operating them and you can get a running history of past use. Using Geofences you can even set a perimeter to contain your machines in any desired area. If someone drives outside the set boundary you will be alerted and you can find where the equipment is heading. So from your yard to your job site, your machines are safe.

“Verizon Connect is currently expanding its fleet management system REVEAL with a solution that enables customers to manage assets in addition to their vehicles,” Mr McKinlay further explained. “With the new GPS tracking system for assets, companies can gain insight into the location and performance of valuable assets such as cranes, trailers and excavators.”

With Asset Tracking you can thoroughly assess your equipment usage and therefore evaluate job costs and calculate final profits more accurately. You can get asset utilisation reports on each machine to determine if it’s a good ROI, or you can look at overall usage of assets on a project-by-project basis to get a broad perspective of the job’s productivity.

And if you hire your machines out you can even verify location and engine hours to help with accurate billing.

You can also look more closely at the performance of your machines and their operators. You can see if your machines have been running for too long or are being pushed too hard or operated dangerously. You can get detailed diagnostic reports, track mechanical wear, schedule necessary maintenance and create notifications for parts when they’re due to be replaced.

More Fuel For The Fire

From bottomline to bottom dollar, by improving workplace productivity Verizon Connect reduces company costs. Another clever way it can keep money in your back pocket is by breaking down fuel efficiency like we’ve never been able to before. Verizon Connect can help businesses of all sizes save on fuel expenses by checking on wastage and unnecessary idling.

Further to this, Verizon Connect’s fuel tax software can also help you confidently claim the maximum allowable tax credit on the fuel you use at work. You can claim back the higher rate of 41.2 cents for private road usage, while many don’t realise (or can’t keep track of) off-road claims, which can include dirt tracks, warehouses, distribution centres, shipping ports, airports, carparks, farms, mines, forests and beaches. You can even go back four years on historical BAS returns and claim additional fuel tax credits based on evidence provided by the software.

“Many fleet owners in Australia are under-claiming fuel tax credits as they can’t verify their fleets’ off-road journeys,” continued Mr McKinlay. “Verizon Connect’s reporting software can help service-based businesses uncover the full amount of fuel consumed by analysing the trips against an advanced database of private and public roads in Australia. This allows them to maximise the dollar amount credited back to their business through comprehensive vehicle tracking, engine use and private road mapping.”

Plug And Play

Since you’re most likely not pen-pushing behind a desk, you can track everything easily and instantly from the palm of your hand through the Verizon Connect mobile app. While on the go you’re able to maintain full control and visibility over your crew, your vehicles, equipment assets and all operations in between.

Of course there’s more to equipping your mobile workers and assets than simply providing an app. While it is made for quick and easy installation, a complete mobile solution can cover hardware, data plans and accessories. Some of your machinery may already have the in-built, asset-tracking hardware it needs to integrate with the Verizon Connect system, otherwise auxiliary devices can easily be added by technicians. These are rugged, durable, weather-resistant units with a battery life that allows you to set and forget. And for your vehicles you can choose from factory-fitted, aftermarket GPS hardware, or just use the driver’s mobile device.

The Verizon Connect team can get everything set up for you and can even develop a customised package that addresses your own particular business needs. So get cracking and start tracking.

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