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VBA Plumbing Audits

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The Victorian Building Authority completed more than 1300 plumbing and drainage audits in March 2019, with one-sixth of the work audited failing to meet Australian standards.

Fifty-one gas heaters were also inspected, with four installations found to be unsafe.

The figures take the total number of plumbing and drainage audits completed during the first three months of the year to 3245.

Over the same three-month period, 447 audits – or around one-seventh of the total – failed for various reasons.

Some common problems seen by VBA plumbing inspectors during the first three months of the year include:

  • Failing to provide the minimum required clearance between the highest part of a stovetop burner and a range hood or exhaust fan
  • Inappropriate or poorly-fitted overflow measures for eaves gutters
  • Below-ground sanitary drains re-laid without adequate bedding material or continuous support; and
  • Unmarked toughened safety glass installed as a splashback

The data was released by the Victorian Building Authority in its monthly plumbing audit reports.

During March, the VBA inspected 136 drains on building sites across Victoria. Thirteen drains were deemed non-compliant, with nine of these later re-assessed by the Authority.

Across the quarter, the number of drain inspection failures rose to 52 – 10 per cent of all drains assessed.

Overall, the VBA completed 1307 audits of plumbing and drainage work in March this year – 62 more than in March 2018.

The VBA is currently preparing information and advice to help plumbers understand and address the causes behind common audit and inspection failures.

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