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Up Close and Personal With Paul Evans

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Sale representative–Victoria and Tasmania

Which Company Do You Represent?

Blundstone Australia.

Which Region Do You Cover?

Tasmania and Western Victoria.

How Long Have You Been With The Company?

Six months.

What Do You Like Most About Your Role?

The people contact so I’m finding it challenging being unable to have face-to-face contact with customers and workmates.

Do You Have A Trade Or University Qualification?

No, but I have a travel agent’s license. I am also a qualified learn-to-swim teacher and referee for competitive swimming.

What Was Your Career Path To Your Current Position?

I started out in the travel industry in Melbourne. When I moved to New Zealand I became a truck driver and then moved into a sales role with the same company. This led to a job with NZ Safety as an account manager and then onto the branch manager. I was there for 13 years before deciding to move back to Melbourne. I was successful in obtaining my position with Blundstone before relocating. It was freaky how well everything fell into place just before our move.


How Much Work-Related Travel Would You Do In A Typical Month?

Having only been with the company for six months, I did not have the opportunity to get into a regular call cycle/travel routine. I was able to visit Tasmania twice before COVID-19 forced border closures and now maintain contact with my interstate customers via email, phone calls, FaceTime calls and the dreaded Zoom and Teams meetings. I have been fortunate that most of my Victorian customers are located within a day-trip distance so I was able to establish. personal rapport with most of them before the stricter lockdown regulations came into effect. I imagine that when things get back to ‘normal’ I will be spending four days a week on the road.


What’s Been The Highlight Of Your Time With This Company So Far?


My two trips to Tasmania were a highlight as I had not visited before. Also finding out that the company’s values align closely with my own has justified our family decision in making such a big leap across the ditch. After working with a corporate for 13 years, moving to a family owned business with such deep history and staff who are so passionate about what they are doing is exciting.

What’s Been The Biggest Change, Good Or Bad, You’ve Seen In Your Time In The Industry, And Why?

The evolution of how safety products are perceived over the last 10 years has been a massive change. Most protective gear was traditionally considered only on its compliance whereas nowadays, comfort, fit-for-purpose looks, colour and durability play a much greater role in what people decide to wear to keep them


safe. Obviously COVID-19 has had a massive impact and the biggest change I have seen since I have been with Blundstone is the positive optimism of the customers when facing this latest challenge.

In What Ways Does Your Company Excel Servicing The Trades And Construction Industries?

We are always looking for engagement with end-users and we are constantly reviewing the way we do things to ensure that what we deliver to our customers and wearers is not only outstanding product but outstanding service. Our customers can be confident that we are experts in providing quality footwear.

We are genuine in our approach and proud and passionate about our product and company.

What’s The Standout Product Or Tool On Offer From Your Company?

#983 Penetration-resistant safety boot

What Makes That Product So Good?

It ticks so many boxes. It’s durable and I love the Crazy Horse leather, which is an unusual feature in a safety boot. But mostly I love how comfortable it is for a boot packed with so many features.

Which Service Do You Offer You Wish Clients Would Use More?

I’d love to have the opportunity to visit more work sites and see all the different environments our boots are worn in.

What’s The Most Satisfying Aspect Of Your Work?

When I get to deal with so many different areas of industry from rural customers to heavy-industrial sites and I can use my knowledge and background to make those people safer and more comfortable on the job. There are so many safety footwear options that people are not aware of, so if I can encourage people to wear the correct footwear for their job, I feel like I am making a difference.

Does Your Company Have Major Goals For The Next Five Years? If So, What Are They?

Blundstone have an ongoing commitment for growth both in Australia and globally. Our ongoing research and development means we’re always improving comfort, protection, performance and aesthetics and that will remain our focus for the next five years.

What’s The Funniest Thing You’ve Seen On A Work Site?

I was redoing a display in a rural store and the resident cat decided to make my job very difficult. He sat on every item I needed and even decided to hide some objects under a display shelf. I’ve never seen anything like it before. He was definitely the boss.

What Is The Scariest Thing You’ve Seen On A Work Site?

A guy hopping into a height safety system after a break attached himself to the system without doing his harness up. He was halfway up a wall before I could get his attention to let him know. The outcome could have been disastrous.

What’s Your Favourite Leisure Pastime?

I love keeping fit and active with lots of bike riding. I converted my garage into a crossfit gym during lockdown. I also enjoy growing my own veggies; it’s really rewarding eating things you have grown yourself.

How Do You Hope To Spend Your Retirement?

I hope to see a whole lot more of Australia in a caravan or camping and also spend some time in luxury hotels in the capital cities. High on my wish list is spending time with future grandkids, but that might be a way off yet.

What’s Your Favourite Magazine?

BCM For Tradies

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