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UNI-PRO Releases X-TREME Green Masking Tape

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The quick and easy way to protect surfaces on your next painting job!

Uni-Pro, Australia’s leading innovator in paint accessories, recently released a new range of painters masking tape. Aptly named X-treme Green masking tape, this masking tape is UV Resistant for up to 30 days on both interior and exterior surfaces. Having this 30 day application duration allows you to leave the tape on the surface for an extended period, so if you have to leave a work site and come back, there’s no need to remove tape and start again when you return. X-treme Green removes cleanly from surfaces and won’t leave any annoying adhesive residue on the surface. The tape is super strong, so it is easy to remove as a one handed removal, saving time when you clean up after painting.

X-treme Green also features a waterproof coating on the paper. This stops any unwanted paint bleed through onto the surface you’re protecting. This feature also means the tape gives super sharp lines when painting. If you happen to get paint onto the tape, don’t worry the edge it leaves when removed will be super sharp. The bright green colour of the tape also makes it contrast easily with most paint colours, making it easy for your eye to see the edge of what you’re painting. Xtreme Green also sticks to itself, so if you need to join any sections of tape together it will hold against itself, unlike some other tapes.

X-treme Green is a strong adhesion level tape, so is not recommended for freshly painted surfaces. The tape is available in three sizes 24, 36 and 48mm x 50 metre rolls and a Trade bulk pack, which contains three rolls of 36mm tape.

Perfect for the painting trade and builders alike, it’s the ideal product for your next decking, pergola or exterior paint job as well as interior work. Available from all leading paint and hardware retailers Uni-Pro’s X-treme Green 30-day masking tape is a high performance tape and fantastic value for money with RRP starting as low as $7.00 for a 24mm roll of tape.

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