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A top-quality decking brush needs to tick quite a few boxes to get the thumbs up from Aussie tradies.

The softness and flexibility of the filaments are critical, how well the brush applies the product and the quality of the pole and extension all need to seamlessly combine to create a positive user experience and an impressive finish. Uni-Pro’s new Jumbo 175m Decking Brush is ticking all those boxes and then some.

Firstly, the long flexible filaments don’t just provide a stunning high-quality application, they also make the application process a dream, coating the sides as well as the top of the decking boards.

When it comes to the handle department, Uni-Pro has included a handy twist-lock telescopic extension pole that can be adjusted from 0.85m to 1.55m, which makes it perfect for working at a range of distances and covering sizable areas. To make things even more interesting for this review we thought we might check out a handful of other Uni-Pro products. We had the Sheepskin Deck & Trim Pad, new and improved Trays, Disposable Tray Liners, Turbo Paint Mixer and Plastic Paint Pourers on site (a big hit on site – simple, but very useful).

When it came time to test the Jumbo Decking Brush, I gave my carpenter mate Mitch Smith a call who was working on a perfect little deck area, which he was ready to apply his oil to.

175mm Decking Brush

  • Long, flexible brush filaments get between each board to ensure coating of sides and top
  • Wide 175mm brush designed for staining or oiling decking
  • Includes a twist-lock telescopic extension pole that can be adjusted from 0.85m to 1.55m and can also be used with other painting tools
  • Easy to clean brush can be washed and reused
  • Designed to work with all timber coatings

Test #1 First Coat Application

Mitch has been doing renos, decks and other chippy work around Sydney’s Northern Beaches for decades, so he knows his products and has at various stages tried pretty much all the top-end products. So after dropping Mitch a box of goodies and letting him put the Uni-Pro products through their paces, I asked him to describe the experience of getting his boards oiled up and looking great. Mitch shared, “Before I poured the product into the Uni-Pro tray I did put the Plastic Paint Pourer onto the 4 litre tin of oil, which I was quite impressed with. What I thought was going to be a bit of a gimmick turned out to be a neat little product. After filling the tray I started down the edge board closest to the wall with the Sheepskin Deck & Trim Pad. This wooden-handled pad with sheepskin held a considerable amount of product, which I was impressed with. It allowed me to load up a lot of product and get right into the boards, which meant when I came in after with the 175mm Decking Brush, I could get a great first coat into the boards. The combination of these two products worked well together. As you know, new decking boards can soak up a considerable amount of product in that first coat, so I was pleased with the overall performance.”

Sheepskin Deck & Trim Pad

  • Perfect for applying stains to fences and decking
  • Quicker than a brush on stair treads, balustrades and vertical posts
  • Ideal for cutting in on decking
  • Can be used with all stains, decking oils and paints

Test #2 Reaching In Between Boards

Mitch continued, “One of the features that Uni-Pro are claiming is that the length, softness and flexibility of the filaments allow the brush to get the product right down into the sides of the boards, not just the surface, and after giving the deck several good coats it did an excellent job. This means that when you’re going about your general application you can cover this area of the boards without wasting time, product and money specifically loading up your brush and pushing hard right down into this area, which also doesn’t do the brush any real favours.”


The Uni-Pro items we used all did a bloody good job at their specific purposes. The 175mm Decking Brush and Sheep Skin Deck & Trim Pad seemed to be Mitch’s favourites. “I’ve got a particular product and brand I normally use for this type of work so I was a little sceptical about how these products would perform. But to their credit, the quality of the 175mm Decking Brush with the extendable pole made short work of the deck we had to oil. I could see this being impressive on nice big decking areas and allowing you to get some serious meterage completed, with a top finish. From the first to the last coat I used the telescopic handle at various lengths, which made life easier.

I was more than happy with the quality of the finish and the application process was a breeze. The 175mm Decking Brush lived up to all the claims made by Uni-Pro, which doesn’t always happen these days, so it was a good result.”

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