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Titen Turbo™ Not Fussed About Dust

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Simpson Strong-Tie launches Titen Turbo™ line of concrete and masonry screw anchors featuring a patented thread design to deliver smooth driving with less torque and superior holding power.

Over the years screw style masonry anchors have grown in popularity due to their more consistent performance than sleeve type anchors, but came with a minor draw back in that, they required high torque to install, and had binding and snapping issues if the dust in the hole was not dealt with correctly… until now.

The Titen Turbo thread design includes a revolutionary Torque Reduction Channel giving dust a place to go, ensuring trouble free installation while maintaining incredible fastening strength and reliability in performance. Titen Turbo was designed with installers in mind, helping them set the screw with less torque, less binding, and less stripping

Easy, fast, and reliable to install, Titen Turbo screw anchors are ideal for a wide range of applications from fixing saddles and brackets to block, through to fixing timber to concrete.

Available with either a hex or countersunk head for a smoother installed profile, ranging in size from 32 to 102mm (6-lobe bit included in packaging for flat head version). Titen Turbo screw anchors feature a serrated screw point for easier starts into timber, and to cut into concrete or masonry, for fast, easy installation with almost any cordless drill or impact driver. To ensure maximum performance Simpson Strong-Tie also offer a matched drill bit for sale, available as a single unit alongside the 100 pack boxes of screws.

In addition to their installation advantages, Titen Turbo anchors have been engineered and tested to provide superior tension load values.

To learn more about the Titen Turbo line of concrete and masonry screw anchors, search turbo at strongtie.com.au or call 1300 STRONGTIE (1300 787664)

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