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Simpson Strong-Tie has launched a new timber connector line in Australia


The most important aspect of building with timber is the strength of the connection between the timber members and fasteners, yet this connection has always had limited holding capacity. In 1956, Simpson Strong-Tie founder Barclay Simpson developed the first timber connector  to address this need. Since that time, connectors have become a standard construction practice, and Simpson Strong-Tie has earned a reputation as the leading brand of engineered and field-tested timber connector solutions.

Barclay believed that timber connectors could be used to build homes and structures to resist high-wind events and other natural disasters. For 60 years, Simpson Strong-Tie has led the industry in developing and engineering innovative and economical connector, fastener and anchor solutions. When used as a system, these products connect a structure’s roof, floors and foundation together to create a continuous load path. Simpson Strong-Tie has an extensive line of hurricane tie connectors, floor straps and sill plate anchors that give designers and builders safe, reliable and economical solutions to build homes and structures that are more resilient to high winds and earthquakes.

With manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Europe, Simpson Strong-Tie has the largest variety of timber connectors available worldwide. The company has now launched a line of connector products in Australia.
The range of Simpson Strong-Tie timber connectors available is unique. The connectors are designed for specific applications without the need to adapt the metal plate to suit a connection. Three innovative products being introduced to Australia as part of this new product line include the Simpson Strong-Tie® CPTZ Concealed Post Tie for post support, IUC Concealed Flange Hanger and the LSSU Adjustable Light Slopeable / Skewable U Hanger.

The CPTZ provides a structurally solid post base that allows the beauty of the  natural timber to remain visible, unlike galvanised metal brackets. The CPTZ retains the required 25mm standoff and is available in 90mm x 90mm, 125mm x 125mm, and 200mm x 200mm post sizes. These connectors are aesthetically pleasing while providing structural integrity. The IUC and LSSU joist hanger address challenges for using a joist hangers at the end of a header or for concealing the flanges of the joist hanger. The LSSU attaches joists or rafters to headers, sloped up or down. The IUC joist hanger with internal flanges enables the joist to be placed at the end of a ledger, beamor post and maintain structural integrity.

It is also more noticeably appealing without the flanges being visible. Simpson Strong-Tie has focused on creating structural products that  help people build safer and stronger structures. The company is proud to launch this broad range of timber connectors to provide reliable and economical solutions for builders in Australia.


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