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Thor Helical have made some pretty cool products in the past and their latest range is no exception.

The Thor Helical 12mm diameter long series grout and epoxy free wall ties reconnect and reinforce deep masonry, brick and stone walls without the use of cement resin, grout or epoxies. They are much longer and heavier than their 9mm CD tie (remedial wall tie) cousins and have a diameter of 12mm and a cross-sectional area of more than 28mm², which is twice that of any other stainless helical wall tie!

We had a fair few sandstone walls and brick walls that were starting to crack on a few sites, so there were plenty of test areas for us to sink the Helicals into! The first was a sandstone wall with a large crack at a 45-degree angle spanning around 800mm long. To install we got the rotary hammer drill out and inserted the 1060mm SDS 12mm bit and drilled a few holes downwards and also a few holes at an angle to connect the large stones. Once the hole was drilled I inserted the Helical SDS hammer adapter and then with the desired length Helical, I simply rotary hammered the Helical into the hole. They installed amazingly fast!

The fluted spiral stem of the Helical is perfectly designed to be hammer twisted to provide a superior grip of the stone or brick you are installing the ties into. They do not require a larger clearance hole for grout or epoxy, so they are quick to install but also the perfect choice for heritage works because damage to the surface is minimised. Another great reason is they can be installed in any weather condition, and no waiting for epoxy or grouts to go off or be cleaned. Also in regards to Heritage work, because there is no resin, epoxy or grout used you won’t need to be concerned about the compatibility of chemicals or products because there are no bonding agents required.

The Helical Ties are fabricated from marine grade 316 stainless steel, which means they are built tough and can be installed in coastal environments. They are also ideal for use in sandstone, stone blocks and seawalls. Aerated concrete applications such as Hebel blocks have had excellent results even without pre-drilling!

The Helical Ties are currently available in a range of lengths: 610mm, 760mm, 910mm, 1060mm, 1220mm, and 1370mm in packs of 10.

This Helical heavyduty wall connector system has many advantages over its grout-bonded predecessors including versatility, compatibility and reliability but for many, it’s the speed and the cost that wins them over – they are so fast to install it’s ridiculous! The 12mm heavy duty spiral wall anchors also have double the strength of any other Helical wall tie on the market regarding compressive, shear and tensile load capacity, so you can rest assured you are getting a product you can rely on with less damage and faster install.

If you’re in the remedial business and not using these products, I recommend checking them out. If you’re a builder or landscaper that needs to fix a few cracking walls from cracking further and give the wall some added strength and stability, then I would also be giving the Thor Helical long series grout and epoxy fed wall ties a go. I’m impressed with the amount we could install in so little time. The team at Thor Helical have kicked another goal with this product range.

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