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Thor Helical Masonry Lintel Reinforcement

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Failed brick and masonry arch lintels can be reinforced with the insertion of twin 6mm helical bars embedded in two mortar beds spaced 450-900mm apart.

The highly profiled reinforcement bars extend 500mm beyond the window or door openings to form tendons representing the upper and lower flanges of a beam.

The upper tendon combines with the two surrounding brick courses to enhance compression and the other tendon acts in tension to significantly increase the tensile and flexural capacity of the masonry.

BRE have published factored load tables that show the load capacity of the reinforced brick lintel to be 2.6 tonnes for openings up to 3.2m wide.

WHO60® Grout is a thixotropic, cementitous repair grout; the shrink-compensated grout has been formulated to bond helical reinforcement bars to masonry. The grout sets in and around the troughs of the highly deformed helix, rapidly developing compressive strength to restrict the bar from deflection under load conditions.

Thor Helical bars have a nominal tensile strength that is twice that of rebar, four times that of epoxy glass-fibre and seven times that of wound helix plate. The deep and continuous helical trough ensures maximum interlock with the masonry repair grout, enabling the helical bars to progressively accumulate and redistribute stresses in masonry.

Brick lintel repairs and masonry arch reinforcement can now be carried out effectively without the need to dismantle and rebuild, ensuring costs are kept low and the disruption to occupants is minimised.

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