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The world’s first power tool manufacturer to bring 5.2 Ah battery packs to the market!

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One year after the world premiere of 4.0 Ah battery packs for power tools, Metabo is again the first manufacturer in the world to introduce the next, even more powerful generation with 5.2 Amp hours (Ah) to the market in April.  “Already the

4.0 Ah battery packs allowed professionals in trade and industry to work 33% longer.  Compared to the 3.0 Ah battery packs that are still widely used on the market, 5.2 Ah now takes you 75% further!  Such a step has brought Metabo that bit

closer to our vision of complete independence from cable and maximum mobility”, explains the Metabo CEO Horst W. Garbrecht during a press meeting in Nürtingen. “We are very happy and are also proud that we managed to set new

standards in the industry within such a short period of time.  The 30 years of expertise we have built up in battery pack technology has really helped us in the development process of this project as did the sophistication of our Metabo Ultra-M

technology, in our opinion, at present the most powerful and best management system for Lithium-ion batteries in terms of battery lifetime worldwide. This is reflected, among others, in the fact that already over several years we have been

the only manufacturer to grant an unlimited three-year warranty on all our battery packs”, points out Mr Garbrecht (In Australia Consumers are able to sign up to the 3 year warranty extension at no charge).


Ultra-M technology – a secure investment

“Our developers really thought about the Metabo customer of today and of tomorrow when they worked on this system.  The Ultra-M technology combines maximum performance with what we believe to be the longest battery life time

worldwide.  We have 100% compatibility with all voltage classes using the Metabo Li-ion ‘slide-in’ battery platform and all battery generations to come. Although globally we are not the largest provider of cordless power tools, at present we

are one of the most innovative thanks to our Ultra-M technology.  One strong benefit professionals have working with our tools is the fact that all chargers used at present can be used to charge all future batteries – today and tomorrow. This

gives total compatibility and makes for a secure investment for our customers”, says Mr Garbrecht.

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