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The Ultra All-in-One Plasterboard Jointing Solution

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Gyprock® is proud to introduce the latest member of our lightweight compounds range – Ultra-AP all purpose compound.

The ultra-smart formula combines lightness and strength meaning Ultra-AP will perform excellently across all three coats in the jointing system. The unique composition makes it Gyprock’s strongest all-purpose, so it can be used safely for first and second coats, yet it is light and creamy enough to use for final coats, achieving a firm, smooth and professional finish.

Ideal for application of internal angles, Ultra-AP has excellent tape adhesion and low shrinkage so it provides both the convenience of a lightweight, pre-mixed product as well as the confidence in the final finish.

Ultra-AP Features and Benefits
  • Excellent coverage per bucket makes Ultra-AP very good value for money
  • Easy to sand for a scratch-free professional surface finish
  • Excellent performance in both machine and hand use
  • Fast drying and ideal for hot and dry conditions
  • Offers the convenience of a pre-mixed product

Designed to provide great versatility and performance, Ultra-AP is the newest member of the Gyprock Ultra family, joining Ultra-Top as a premium accessory to plastering.

Ultra-AP is available through our Gyprock Trade network, our specialist Gyprock distributors, as well as Bunnings Warehouse nationally.

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