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The Ultimate Drywall Weapon!

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Fast, powerful, precise and ergonomically designed.

The Intex ASG18V Li-Ion Collated Screw Gun impresses professional Drywall installers, with its flawless performance, lightweight and ergonomic ‘Perfect Balance’.
Proven to greatly increase productivity, provide a solution for consistent optimal results and enhance user safety, the Intex ASG18V has set the benchmark in Drywall collated fastening technology, and is in popular demand by industry professionals.

FAST – Any downtime is an unnecessary expense! The ‘Anti-Jam’ strip feeder design operates with smooth precision, unlike other designs where hours are wasted with screw jams. The push button ‘Quick-Release’ head design makes manual reversing and setting of screws a breeze, while ‘Tool-Less’ screw depth and length adjustment eliminates wasted time during screw application changes.

POWERFUL – Do more for longer! The 4000RPM optimal speed allows for super quick fastening of Plasterboard or Fiber Cement into both Timber and Steel. Two high capacity 18V Li-Ion 3.0Ah batteries, featuring LED charge indicators, provide all the power needed to fuel the Drywall Weapon!

PRECISE – Get it right the first time! The ‘Anti-Jam’ strip feeder design operates with smooth precision, setting screws accurately time after time, leaving constant screw jamming a thing of the past. The ‘Rubberized Tip’ protects the plaster surface and provides surface grip, ensuring an accurate screw drive every time.

ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED – Why tolerate the strain? Our designers and engineers understand the strenuous labour involved in Drywall installation, especially for overhead ceiling installation. That’s why ‘Light Weight’, ‘Perfect Balance’ and ‘Compact Design’ were key considerations during design and development. The ‘Perfect Balance’ design greatly reduces fatigue, unlike other nose heavy designs, allowing for hours of continuous use, thus increasing efficiency.

Like no other Screw Gun, the Intex ASG18V is teamed with the complete range of premium Intex ZipStrip® Collated Fasteners for a range of plasterboard and Fiber Cement applications, from exclusive 10 gauge laminating screws, to 50mm Plasterboard screws, and Class 4 corrosion resistant range.

The Intex ASG18V Screw Gun teamed with the Intex ZipStrip® Collated Screws, is the proven solution; designed to work seamlessly and efficiently together, yielding faster, better and safer results for every application. Insist and rely on the best!

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