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The SafeCorp Half Mask Respirator

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The SafeCorp half mask respirator features a soft and supple unique TPE silicone composite face seal which provides added comfort. It also features an adjustable strap with a drop down function for ease when on the job. The shielded exhalation valve protects from dust and helps prevent heat build up while the downward air outflow prevents eyewear from fogging up.

The half mask respirator is approved to Australian standards and is suitable for a variety of applications depending on the type of cartridge. Suitable cartridges includes P2, which is suitable for sanding, grinding, cutting & drill metal, masonry, wood & concrete and A1 gas cartridge which is suitable for brush or roller painting, degreasing, paint thinners & glues, handling, resins & adhesives.


SafeCorp’s half mask respirator is available for purchase on its own or in a set which includes a P2 cartridge. Available at Repco and other leading hardware stores.

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