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The Cleanest Finish

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Simpson Strong-Tie Australia is best known for Quik Drive® collated screw driving systems, where rather than installing individual screws, the operator can drive screws from an ergonomic standing position, increasing the speed of installing screws. The screws need to be installed without predrilling, so the focus for Simpson Strong-Tie has been to develop screws with self-drilling tips that can countersink with a clean finish.

Hardwood decking can be challenging because the finish needs to be close to perfect with no chipping or splitting of the boards. Simpson Strong-Tie is proud to release the latest in development and innovation in the DSD decking screw. They have a 316 stainless steel screw for ductility so the timber moves without breaking the screw. They also added a 6 lobe drive to eliminate damaging the recess even in the toughest timber. A drill point that will slide through all hardwoods without the need to pre-drill and then some extra knurling to prevent the boards from splitting.

Available in both 5.5mm (12-gauge) and 6.5mm (14-gauge) diameters, with features that remove the need to pre-drill in most hardwood species, and countersinking nibs under the head to help embed cleanly. The DSD is a huge time saver for the builder as well as the serious renovator in collated as well as loose. The screw is quick to install and lasts the rigours of time even in highly corrosive environments. A range of lengths from 50mm through to 100mm in the heavier diameter, they have most applications covered in decking and landscaping applications.

Simpson Strong-Tie’s aim was to develop the Ultimate Decking Fastener and the DSD will not disappoint. Finally a decking screw that is truly “no predrill no countersink” tested in our Australian Hardwoods for our conditions. Ease of installation, great finish, holds on and will outlast the deck and a full range of sizes in loose and collated makes it the complete Deck fastener.

Contact your local Hardware or Fastener outlet for the new Simpson Strong-Tie DSD Decking Screw or contact Simpson Strong-Tie for your closest Distributor on 1300 STRONGTIE (1300 787664) or strongtie.com.au/solutions


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