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The Ability To Stay In Front –AEG Revolution And Evolution

by editor

To stay relevant in today’s changing construction environment, power tool companies have to invest to be at the forefront of innovation. AEG does this via two methods – revolution and evolution.

Revolution is considered new tools like the 18V sub-compact range that has an entirely new Brushless motor design that enables the tools to be much smaller and lighter, yet still be powered by the 18V AEG batteries you have in your toolkit.

Then there is evolution when tools are reassessed and often redesigned to meet Aussie tradies’ latest requirements and Australian conditions.

For instance, the new 18V ¾” FUSION 6-Mode High Torque Impact Wrench takes the lead from its ½” ‘little brother’. AEG know there are many heavy machinery and agricultural industry workers who need more than a ½” ‘nutbuster’, especially when out in the field and there is no access to mains power or a generator.

This wrench generates up to 1550Nm for fastening and up to 2100Nm for nut-busting, making this impact wrench capable of tightening and loosening heavy construction and automotive nuts. An intuitive selection panel lets you seamlessly switch between the three speed modes and three auto tight modes, providing less chance of damaging nuts and bolts.

AEG has another innovative tool, the 18V 450g 2-speed grease gun packed with features that tradies were asking for. These include a one metre hose; 10,000PSI to break through the toughest built-up grease; a second speed with a lower PSI but faster flow rate; a right-angle coupler and pre-set dosage amounts. In addition to these, it also has multiple filling options – it takes a standard 450g cartridge, filled from a drum via the canister plunger or filled straight from the drum’s hose. It could not be easier.

Along with the grease gun, there is the recently launched 18V Brushless Multi-Tool. Its’ high-performance Brushless motor delivers 20,000 oscillations per minute º from left to right, to cut faster. It also has an OMNI PRO interchangeable head system so users can easily remove the head and replace it with a reciprocating saw head, jigsaw head, or right-angle drill head (all sold separately).

Now that’s a real multi-tool. Finally, there is the 18V/12V HighPressure and Volume Inflator/Deflator. It can be used on the worksite to pump up barrow, trailer or vehicle tyres and on the weekend to inflate and deflate off-road tyres, bike tyres, sports balls, you name it! It runs off 18V batteries or from any vehicle’s 12V cigarette lighter outlet. It is all in the one unit.

So, as you can see, AEG’s range of power tools is just like you – never standing still, always striving to find ways to get the most out of a working day (or weekend).

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