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I’m sure every contractor and tradie has either seen this happen or had it happen to them, so it won’t be hard for you to envision this scenario: a stunning new floor has just gone down in a project.

There are still a few trades on-site, and before you know it someone has tramped dirty boots across a freshly laid carpet, or someone with a rock or screw in the sole of their boot has walked dents and scratches across the new timber floor or marked the new tiles.

Sometimes all it takes is for an apprentice to forget to take their boots off before walking inside and the damage is done. Luckily, Trimaco specialises in a range of heavy-duty surface protectors, flooring papers and masking films for dust containment as well as a vast array of drop cloths, tapes and masking products.

My mate Josh from Plan A Plumbing Services had been keeping me updated on a build his family had been working on, and when I heard the flooring had gone down I knew this was the perfect place to put the Trimaco products to the test.

E-Z Floor Guards

The first product to check out was the E-Z Floor Guards – an effective system whereby the E-Z Floor Guards work by easily placing a sheet of adhesive plastic film on the bottom of your shoe or boot to avoid tracking dirt into a home or jobsite. The process consists of stepping into a plastic container, which lives at the entry of the project and looks a little like a narrow kitty litter plastic box, inside of which sits the roll of film. It works a lot like glad wrap packaging with a blade that cuts the wrap once it’s applied to the shoe. If you need to go back outside you can quickly and easily reapply before coming back inside.

Builders are going to love this product due to the ease and speed of the application process – a dirty boot should never step back inside the build again without being covered by the film first.


When it comes to heavy-duty flooring protection, another impressive product from Trimaco is their FloorShell® system, which is a heavy-duty surface protection roll for the toughest environments. This product feels like heavy-duty cardboard but is actually made from 100 per cent recycled fibres. The product is eco-friendly and reusable, and because it’s a breathable product it’s perfect for providing protection to timber, concrete, stone, tile, linoleum, epoxy, vinyl composition tile and most other floor types. Containing an innovative liquid repellent technology, it also protects against mud, paint, water and other spills.

Essentially, this heavy-duty paperboard is perfect for temporary surface protection for all surfaces and is 5 times thicker than builder’s paper. Once your new floor is complete, cover the entire floor with FloorShell until the job is perfect and you are handing over the keys.

Floorshell® Seam Tape

When using FloorShell, Trimaco has produced the perfect 3” tape to join the seams of the FloorShell lengths. The seam tape lays out flat and is a breeze to use and tear – it will last the duration of the job.

Supertuff® Surface Protector

SuperTuff is an absorbent, slip-resistant, reusable surface protector, which is excellent for all types of floors and countertops, making it perfect for any construction, repair or renovation. It feels a little like suede or felt, but is actually made from 100 per cent post-consumer recycled PET bottles. In our application on-site, we opted to put this down in and around the kitchen and island bench and then joining onto the FloorShell product in the adjoining living area.

The minute we got the flooring covered with the Trimaco products the builder was happy to complete a few tasks he had been holding off doing until his new timber floor was adequately protected.

The Wrap-Up

The leak-proof and impact-resistant qualities of the products featured here are an enormous bonus. I think you’ll only need to use these products once to be converted. Now there is no reason for the headaches that come with any damage or stains to flooring post-installation.

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