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Strong Drive® SDPW Deflector Screw

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Simpson Strong-Tie, the market leader in engineered structural fixing solutions, has added to the family of structural fasteners, the Strong-Drive® SDPW Deflector Screw, designed to fix non-load bearing internal walls to trusses or joists, allowing for vertical movement without squeaks associated with traditional connector installations requiring several nails.

A key feature of the new Strong-Drive SDPW Deflector Screw is the polymer sleeve which creates a strong connection that provides lateral resistance and the ability for walls to deflect with trusses and joists. The SDPW is tested for lateral- load ratings that meet building code requirements, and replace standard top plate to truss connectors which inherently can create squeaks. The SDPW has an innovative polymer sleeve which eliminates squeaks and can be installed from the ground using the driver extension, removing the need for a ladder and making installation both safer and quicker.

The SDPW installation is not only a big time saver for builders, it is also a comfort, eliminating costly rectification work due to squeaks caused from metal on metal connections, between the internal wall and the truss top plates or joists. To remove the risk of the fastener missing the truss/ joist causing blow outs through the timber due to timber grain deflection, the SDPW is supplied with a pre-drill bit to bore through the internal wall top plate, creating a guide for the screw and the polymer sleeve to sit perfectly, minimising the risk of miss installation.

The SDPW Deflector Screws are installed with an Offset Driver Bit which can be set up with either a 0mm or 19mm offset from the underside on the top plates to allow for vertical movements from atmosphere changes and strong winds. The SDPW can also be used for floor systems with deflection up and down from heavy objects and changing loads.

Available in 89mm, 127mm and 152mm lengths for a variety of different top plate configurations including single or double top plates, (35mm or 45mm timber thicknesses) along with variety of different gaps between the top plate and truss cords. Additional features of the SDPW deflector screw include:

• Fasteners have a black E-coat finish and are assembled with polymer sleeves that come colour coded by length for easy identification on the jobsite
• Fasteners are packaged with a six-lobe offset driver bit and a 9.5mm pre-drill bit
• Available with a 450mm bit extension for easier overhead installations (sold separately)

The new SDPW Deflector Screw is a great addition to our Strong-Drive framing solutions which include the SDWC top plate to truss screw, eliminating the need for traditional framing anchors for truss tie downs and the SDWS top plate to stud fastener, removing the requirement for strapping.

For more information and to view the range visit strongtie.com.au or call 1300STRONGTIE / 1300 787664

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