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Strong As Nails

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Soudal’s Strong As Nails construction adhesives are available now.

The advantage of reinforcing in concrete slabs is that it increases the overall strength and can withstand higher forces. Using this same theory, Soudal has introduced two innovative construction adhesives in the Strong As Nails range, which are reinforced with fibres to increase the end strength.

Strong As Nails – Fix It Plus is a solvent based adhesive that has been reinforced for increased end strength with the added feature of good initial tack of 125kg per m². Perfect for high demanding applications where high strength is required and perfect for bonding on vertical jobs, for example bonding wall panels.

Strong As Nails – Mega Grab is a solvent free adhesive with the added bonus of being removed when wet with a damp cloth. Solvent free adhesives also offer the installer a low V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compound) adhesive with no smell, reduced health risks and meets Green Building Council’s requirements. Mega Grab has an industry first MEGA initial tack of 300kg per m² and can hold multiple blocks of timber onto the wall without slipping. Just like an extra pair of hands on the worksite and ideal for applications like bonding timber feature walls.

Both adhesives have a thicker consistency than other adhesives, which means there is no dripping/oozing out of the cartridge after use and they are perfectly suitable for a wide range of bonding applications where an ultra-high performing adhesive is required.

The Strong As Nails range is available from all good, independent hardware and construction suppliers throughout Australia.

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