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Stihl….A Cut Above!

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STIHL’s new GS 461 is perfectly designed for the professional tradesman for  tough jobs on site.

The GS 461 has been designed for free hand cutting of concrete with reinforcing, natural stone and even sewage pipes. It makes light work of chasing gutters or grooves in concrete or brickwork.

STIHL design experts have made the GS 461 compact, well-balanced and simply great to work with.

Whether you are wall sawing in concrete, brick or masonry to provide for doors, windows and silo openings on a construction site, or you are cutting concrete pipe on a civic job, the extremely efficient anti-vibration system gives more comfort. Combining advanced engine performance with the advanced 4.3kW environmentally friendly STIHL 2-MIX engine, the GS 461 simply powers through. A significant stride in concrete saw technology; it delivers high torque for its task, over a wide speed range.

And the GS 461 gives you wet cutting, without getting you too wet. The guide bar’s interior water routing flushes and cools both the guide bar and chain.

Reduce the possibility of jamming and biting, as the GS 461 has a manoeuvrability which makes it perfect for cutting in tight spots or close up against a 90 degree corner. In addition the exclusive high-grade diamond abrasive chain is characterised by long life, fast, smooth cutting and excellent plunge performance – ideal for cutting openings deep and accurately into stone.

Take a look at the GS 461 online, with full product specifications and retail price information at www.stihl.com.au.

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