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Stay Connected On The Job Site, At Home, Or On The Road!

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Living in Australia, you’ll understand the frustration of patchy or non-existent mobile reception when working on job sites located outside city limits.

Introducing Powertec, your connectivity experts, pioneering connectivity solutions. Experience equals success; with over 90,000 installations in Australia and New Zealand you can be confident you’ve made the right decision.

A better-connected workforce improves workplace health and safety and increases communication efficiencies with your team.

Cel-Fi GO is the only legal Mobile Signal Repeater on the market. It is the ideal product to boost and distribute a 3G/4G mobile signal. Simply install a Cel-Fi GO into your ute or vehicle and get signal on the go! Cel-Fi also has building applications and is perfect for temporary offices on a construction site. Enjoy coverage in your vehicle or boat when you go camping, four-wheel driving or fishing – it’s the perfect outdoors companion.

Powertec’s latest innovation, Cellferno uses the available 3G/4G signal to provide super-fast mobile broadband internet to multiple users. When the Altai IX500 is combined with Cellferno, internet can be provided over a large area to many people needing to use Wi-Fi.

Want to know what is happening on your construction site when you’re not there? The Teltonika RUTX11 enables secure and reliable connectivity between your CCTV monitoring system and your chosen device. As well as improving CCTV monitoring, Teltonika RUTX11 has dual band AC Wi-Fi, which can be accessed by workers who need internet connection onsite.

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