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Starting Up a New Business? HIA Business Start Up program is here.

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If you are a newly established small business or planning to start your own business, HIA Business Start Up is offering small business management qualification made just for you.

Not only do you get up-skilled for free, but we provide you with mentoring for the first 12 months to help you set up your business properly.

Small business is the lifeblood of the residential building industry and this program is essential in helping to train the next generation of tradespeople operating as subcontractors, sole operators or small businesses. It can be a very different transition from an apprenticeship to managing a small business.

Check out hia.com.au for more details on what’s involved to participate in the AtoB program.

Or call HIA on 1300 650 620. Claim your spot today and email [email protected]. Spaces are limited so don’t miss out.

HIA Business Start Up scholarship initiative of the AtoB Program.


TERMS & CONDITIONS: To be eligible to receive AtoB Program services, individual tradespeople must: a) have permanent residency, that is, as an Australian citizen or as a permanent resident of Australia; b) have successfully completed a nationally recognised qualification in a trade listed on the NSNL; c) be preparing to or have recently (within 24 months) established a business; d) not be an Undischarged Bankrupt; e) not have previously completed the Eligible Qualifications offered under the AtoB Program; and f) not be subsidised from other government funding, including Commonwealth, States and Territories, for the same services offered under the AtoB Program; and g) pay $200 deposit on signup, fully refundable on completion of course.

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