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Soudal Strong As Nails Adhesive

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The phrase “strong as nails” gets thrown around quite a bit these days, but in the case of Soudal’s Strong As Nails construction adhesives – nothing could be closer to the truth!

The range covers four products consisting of the green coloured Super Grab, the blue coloured Mega Grab, the orange coloured Fix It Plus, and the red coloured Fix IT. The range varies in strength and hold qualities and is designed for a huge range of suitable substrates including: timber, brick, cork, ceramics, glass, plasterboard, plastics, polystyrene, concrete, metal, tiles, render, timber sheeting and cement sheeting.

The red coloured Fix It product is more of a general purpose product with excellent adhesion to most building materials. The orange Fix It Plus product takes things to the next level with ultra high performance and includes reinforced fibres to increase strength.

In this review we were sent the green coloured tube called Super Grab, which claims to provide an initial bond of up to 140kg/m squared, along with the even stronger blue colour tube called Mega Grab, which claims to provide a massive 300kg/m squared. We realised the crew at Soudal had sent us their two heavy hitters, so when it came time to test these claims we didn’t muck around.

The first cab off the rank was the Super Grab and we had an internal brick wall that was getting sheeted in the next week, which made the perfect test area. We grabbed a handful of timber offcuts, which we glued together one at a time and fixed to the wall and then onto each other to create a stack of back-to-back materials that both weight and gravity were trying their best to rip off the wall. To my surprise the glued stack of timber got bigger and bigger to create a very impressive mountain of timbers protruding horizontally off the vertical face of the wall. It was pretty clear the Soudal was the winner of the first test.


Next, we grabbed two bricks and glued them up onto the wall again on the long edge for added strength requirements. Unfortunately, the Super Grab wasn’t up to this gravity-defying challenge. It held for about five seconds then started to slide down the wall. Glueing on the edge as opposed to the flat of the brick increased the load on the product. So with the score at one all, it was time to pull out the big guns and see what the Mega Grab was capable of doing. Our double brick challenge was the perfect place to start. I wasn’t expecting either product to be able to cope with a load of this test because there just isn’t the surface area of glue to hold such a weight. One brick is good enough, but two bricks on their sides are crazy when you think about it.

We loaded up the Mega Grab, which has a slightly different texture, onto the sides of the first brick and pushed it onto the wall for about five seconds then released the pressure. So far so good as the brick didn’t move at all. Next it was time for our second brick so we glued up the side and pushed it onto the first brick for the same timeframe of around five seconds. When we released the brick we half expected it to slide down the wall like the first test, but no, it stayed true and didn’t move a single millimetre. The Mega Grab is obviously a unique product and was more than up for the challenge making the score 2-1 to Soudal.

Wanting to see just how strong the Mega Grab is we looked around the site for the heaviest thing we could glue to the wall to test this product. After a bit of hunting around we found a large concrete paver in the shape of a triangle, which was the perfect material for this test. It must have weighed 20kg at least being 40-50mm thick. After loading up this last test piece we found a new section of wall and pushed the paver onto the wall for a good 5 to 20 seconds then quickly stepped back in case the paver came tumbling down onto the reo we were standing on. However, in a fierce performance the Soudal did not budge taking the score to a crushing victory of 3-1 to the Soudal range.

Make sure you check out this impressive Soudal Strong As Nails range for yourself. It will be sure to impress.

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