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Solution To Noise Reduction For Residential Builds

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Unwanted noise inside residential dwellings, often caused by plumbing, home theatre rooms, or passing traffic, can be reduced by up to 10 decibels with a simple solution from USG Boral, a leading innovator in plasterboard systems.

Ideal for retrofitting and renovations, the NeighbourZone™ Sound-Reducing System from USG Boral, allows builders and plasterboard contractors to create a more effective sound barrier for separating and common walls, and ceilings, than standard plasterboard.

Able to be easily applied to all existing wall surfaces, NeighbourZone is simple to install, takes a minimum amount of space, and can halve the level of noise from adjacent rooms or dwellings.

With four solutions available, depending on the noise problem, existing plasterboard walls and ceilings can be extended by 76mm to 120mm, to effectively reduce the level of intruding noise.

Neighbour Zone is installed by simply stripping back the wall to remove cornices and skirting boards, fixing the new panels, then re-attaching the trims.

“The NeighbourZone Sound-Reducing System is an ideal solution to regain peace and quiet within the home,” commented Christopher Lubbers, USG Boral category manager – interior linings. “Unwanted noise can disrupt the comfort of those living in the home, and the NeighbourZone system is a simple remedial solution to improve the acoustic performance of a space to create a more welcoming and liveable environment.”

Available from USG Boral Trade Stores and selected hardware outlets nationally.

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