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Smart, Strong, Safe

by editor

For more than 25 years’ Shamir OHS and Eyres Safety Optics have been sitting at the forefront of the eyewear industry and have been widely recognised as a leader in high-quality performance eyewear.

Shamir OHS and Eyres Safety Optics success comes from creating revolutionary products that exceed the requirements of safety standards and crafting their products to suit specific purposes and environments.

Shamir’s products are designed by Australians for Australian conditions and their range is comprehensively tested and certified. They use exclusive coatings such as Hydrophobic (water resistance), Oleophobic (smudge resistance), antistatic, anti-fog, and scratch resistance. They enlist the latest in optical and safety technologies to combine the key design features of ballistic, safety, sport and fashion for an enhanced optical experience, even in the most challenging environments.

With over 20 designs to choose from, their eyewear is the perfect solution for both prescription and non-prescription wearers, providing style and safety protection, while still meeting the highest safety standards.

Shamir OHS and Eyres Safety Eyewear performs at the highest level in the workplace with the right dimensions and optical properties to suit any frame, and provide an improved viewing experience, smooth transition between viewing fields, and comfortable viewing posture.

Shamir’s eyewear guarantees greater protection, higher definition, and improved peripheral vision for a truly unique product.

Wearing Shamir OHS & Eyres Safety Optics eyewear is the key to enhancing your vision to ensure you get the most comfortable and reliable eyewear for wherever your work life takes you.

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