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Six Modes You’ll Actually Use

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The AEG 18V FUSION 6-Mode Impact Driver features a FUSION brushless motor, which delivers greater power, better driving efficiency, and longer runtimes compared to brushed motors.

We’ve all fallen into the trap of buying gadgets that we thought were cool or would make our lives easier (think robo-vac, Google Glass, any cheap drone) only to discover very quickly that they were practically useless. Even some power tools have features that are really just gadgets and add nothing to the performance of a tool.

Not so with the 18V FUSION 6-Mode Impact Driver from AEG. The six modes are features that tradies will actually use – every day in some situations – like screwing off a steel roof or wooden deck.

With its class-leading 280Nm, AEG’s FUSION 6-Mode Impact Driver (3 x speed and 3 x torque modes) makes sure you work smarter, not harder, and that your finishing touches always look professional. It even has an Assist in Reverse mode that’s designed to remove damaged screws.

The impact driver’s intuitive panel makes it easy to choose the right speed and torque setting to suit the task and material. This means no more frustrating cam-outs from too much torque or damaging soft surfaces by over-tightening. Choose the right setting to suit the task and material to get the same, predictable, perfect result every time.

Six Modes You’ll Actually Use

The 6-Mode Impact Driver has settings that suit everyday building and construction applications.

  • Speed 1 (Precision mode 58 Nm) – Choose this setting for small fasteners in soft timbers to avoid overdriving or damaging the fasteners
  • Speed 2 (medium – 200 Nm) – This mode has fast screw-driving and medium torque to drive medium-sized fasteners into thicker or harder materials
  • Speed 3 (high – 280 Nm) – Great when driving large fasteners that need maximum speed and torque
  • D mode: Self-tapping screws – For ultimate control when using self-drilling screws into metal, reduces the risk of screw breakage
  • D mode: Assistance – Delivers greater control and reduces screw cam-outs
  • In reverse – This mode starts rotating with 6 pulses, then increases speed
  • D mode: Auto tighten (120 Nm) – Use this mode to avoid over-driving nuts or bolts in timber or metal

When using any of the pre-set modes, it’s important to hold down the trigger until the driver stops. Releasing and pressing the trigger again will restart the torque setting and could cause over-tightening and possible material damage.

In other words, trust the tool to do the job.

Power You Can Feel

AEG’s FUSION tools with brushless motors are created for trade professionals to deliver more power, for longer, than comparative brushed motors. And when paired with AEG FORCE batteries, you can feel the power ‘upgrade’ instantly.

To double your AEG power tools warranty to six years, simply register the tools online.

So, don’t muck around adjusting and readjusting screw depths and tension. Instead, make your mark as a tradie by using the AEG 18V FUSION Brushless 6-mode Impact Driver for repeatable, predictable and professional results every time. Available from a Bunnings store near you.

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