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Site Safety Alliance Toolbox Talk

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Site Safety Alliance’s new HEADSPACE COVID-19 Toolbox Talk addresses the hidden impacts of COVID-19 – the effects it can have on the mental health and wellbeing of tradies who may be facing increased financial, family and home pressures during these unusual circumstances.

As Australia emerges from isolation and lockdown measures, mental health impacts are shaping up to be the biggest issue facing the nation.

Internationally recognised mathematical modelling by the University of Sydney has suggested 750 additional lives could be lost to suicide each year for the next five years. One in four of these deaths will be in young people. And that’s just one statistic, with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues causing increased strain for so many Australians.

Preliminary results from a Monash University study of 1200 Australians found that the majority experienced at least mild levels of anxiety or depression, with approximately 30 per cent experiencing moderate or high levels.

A company dedicated to providing engaging safety messages to construction sites Australia-wide, Site Safety Alliance, has introduced a special ‘Headspace COVID-19’ Toolbox Talk pack to help companies address the mental minefield of COVID-19 impacts on workers, including financial strain, family issues and increased pressures at home.

The special ‘Headspace COVID-19’ Toolbox Talk packs are available immediately for building, construction and infrastructure companies looking to support the safety and mental wellbeing of their workers. They are designed to ensure that workers feel that support is available to them if they feel more stressed and distracted at this time.

Site Safety Alliance, which typically supplies comprehensive monthly Toolbox Talk packs to the building and construction industry, has prepared and produced specific content for site managers and safety managers to support workers on site who might be finding it difficult to cope with increased pressure or a change in routine created by the current circumstances.

Site Safety Alliance Toolbox Talks

Site Safety Alliance’s Toolbox Talk packs are designed to provide clear messaging to construction site staff, so that all workers feel engaged in a culture of safety and looking out for each other’s mental and physical wellbeing.

“These talk packages save time and cost by providing site managers with everything they need to present an engaging, effective and consistent safety and wellbeing message for one or multiple sites,” said Mr Mansfield.

Site Safety Alliance Co-Founder, Michael Blumberg, says that what sets their messaging apart is that it’s not ‘telling’ workers ‘what to do’, but instead, it’s engaging them in the content and connecting them in positive ways to the messaging. Mr Blumberg has more than 30 years of experience in behavioural marketing and advertising, and has spent the last five years focusing particularly on the construction industry as CEO of Target Tradies, the on-site visitation company focused on safety and wellbeing of the workforce.

“It’s important to note that all the Toolbox Talk pack programs are designed to create engagement and conversation between workers and manager around important safety and wellbeing issues on site. By achieving this, the Site Safety Alliance platform encourages positive dialogue that can translate into meaningful change,” said Mr Blumberg.

Through engaging talks, posters and social media activity each month, Site Safety Alliance reaches all tradies and workers at a practical level and encourages them to look out for each other and ‘shift the dial’ on safety and wellbeing on-site.

Please visit www.sitesafetyalliance.com.au to find out more.

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