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The construction industry in Australia has moved rapidly to adhering to and meeting expected standards on product and performance.

There has been a lot in the media in reference to compliance of products that are used in construction and this is vital, not only for the products that are seen, like cladding, but also the products that are NOT seen.

Construction fasteners are equally as important even though they are typically not seen once the building is finished. This is evident by the development of the Australian Standard AS5216 for concrete construction fasteners and the need  for compliance to this standard for all products that are used on an Australian construction site.

Simpson Strong-Tie is an active member of AEFAC, the industry association that developed and supports this standard and therefore all of the products that are brought into the country comply with this standard. The standard is based on the European ETA standard, although there are other testing options for products that are not manufactured in Europe.

At Simpson Strong-Tie they have a range of chemical and mechanical anchors that are used on domestic and commercial sites around the country and the compliance and ETA approvals that they carry qualifies them as compliant to the NCC and Australian building code. You can be confident of their performance and the accuracy of the load data that is published on their performance as the testing has been done under the guidelines of this standard.

The AT-HP BLUE concrete adhesive is unique in what it does. It is a fast cure adhesive for masonry and concrete structures that tells you when you can load it. All concrete adhesives have varying cure times depending on the concrete temperature, ambient temperature. The colour change from blue to grey occurs when the adhesive has reacted and cured, so there is no need to check the label for the set time or even to have a watch. The set time is vital because if you apply the load too soon you could break the bond.

The other way that some check to see if the adhesive is set is to try and move the rod or stud that you have set with the adhesive. If you do that as the adhesive is setting, the bond to the wall of the hole could break, and again, the load is reduced. The colour change feature gives you the surety that the chemical reaction has occurred and the anchor has set and is ready to load. Ready, set, load.

With a new formulation that will set quicker, a new style cartridge that requires less purging and uses ALL of the adhesive, the new AT-HP Blue in a 300ml tube is a step above. It has fire rating, approvals for cracked concrete and will work in damp holes, it is ideal for balustrades, and other medium duty fixing applications.

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