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Simpson Strong-Tie Strong-Drive® WSV Subfloor Screws

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Simpson Strong-Tie has plenty of timesaving treats for many different applications on site, including the WSV Subfloor Screws, which are perfect for all your subfloor projects.

The new WSV Subfloor Screw was developed for fastening subfloor using the Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Drive® auto-feed screw driving system, which is a pretty impressive product on its own. The ability to stand up while screwing down subfloors is not only faster, it’s significantly less painful on your knees and back, but that’s another story. The hero of this story is the WSV Subfloor Screws. Simpson Strong-Tie has re-engineered its popular subfloor screw to reduce the driving force required resulting in faster installation speeds and better longevity for your screwguns.

The redesigned tip (which is very sharp) and thread pattern provides easy starts and requires up to 25 per cent less torque while driving, which in turn reduces the install time by up to 20 per cent. Think about that over the length of a job – massive amounts of time saved with less force and wear on your tools and yourself.

The WSV Subfloor Screw has moved away from the square drive head and instead adopted a deep six-lobe recessed ribbed head, which provides clean countersinking and improved bit wear and fewer cam-outs. The new design grips well to the six-lobe T-25 drive bit.

No More Squeaky Floors

One thing that drives people nuts is a squeaky floor, and nails and glue that have failed over time are usually the culprits. If the joists are not perfectly level, a nail will not pull the subfloor down onto the joist but will leave a gap, and in time a squeaky floor will result. The pulling/ holding power of the WSV Subfloor Screw reduces the gaps between the joist and subfloor, which cause the squeaks, and produces a superior hold. Australian Standards say that when fixing subfloor to i-joists, a 50mm 10g screw should be used instead of nails. This is where you will have no worries with the WSV – together with the Quik Drive system, the install is not only insanely fast (whilst standing upright), but a far superior hold is achieved than when nails and adhesive are used.

On our test floor I pulled a line to mark the joist and within seconds I had 8-10 WSV subfloor screws in the yellow tongue. The amount of time and effort that would be achieved over the course of the job would be huge. If you are still using nails and glue to fix your subfloors, do yourself and your back a favour and check out both the WSV screws and the Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Drive auto-feed screw driving system. You can thank us later!

As a complete system you can’t go past the Quik Drive with the WSV Subfloor Screws when installing your subfloors. They are well designed and engineered with less work and producing faster installs – it really is a no brainer! But don’t take my word for it, the great thing about Simpson Strong-Tie is their customer service. Call your local rep for an onsite demo and have a play for yourself. I guarantee you will be converted! Simpson Strong-Tie has some other pretty cool products, which will save you time and money over the length of a project.

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