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Simpson Strong-Tie® Quik Stik™ Installation Tool

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A few issues back we looked at the Simpson Strong-Tie Strong-Drive® WSV Subfloor Screw, collated for the Quik Drive system, which if you missed it was a huge time and back saver for screwing subfloors to joists.

This innovative system has been an enormous success and in a somewhat similar yet uniquely different product.

The Quik Stik installation tools are set to have the same impact on fixing trusses and rafters to wall frames without having to touch a ladder. The safety improvements that will come into play through not going up and down ladders will be huge, and the time savings will be even more significant.

Essentially the Quik Stik is an extension tool that attaches to your drill or driver and enables you to precisely and quickly fix Simpson Strong-Tie SDWC Truss screws into place. The SDWC Truss screws themselves are huge time savers removing the need for triple grips, nail plates and other brackets, which would have previously needed up to nine nails. If you haven’t implemented this system yet you will find on average you will save at least a few days over the installation of the roof structure, and now with the Quik Stik installation tools, this is set to reduce installation time yet again.

Test #1. Loading Screws And Initial Thoughts

The Quik Stik only allows for one screw to be loaded at a time due to the size of the SDWC Truss screws (being over 152mm for the longest variety). The screw is placed into the end of the head of the tool – your impact driver should already be attached to the tool. There is a sliding grip in the middle of the Quik Stik, and you squeeze the impact driver trigger whilst sliding the grip forward, which pushed the SDWC Truss screw through the top plates and cleanly into the Truss or rafter. It couldn’t be simpler or smoother.

Test #2. Variations Of Installations

The head of the tool where the screw sits has a bright design to ensure you get the correct angle and perfect connection every time. There are two positioning prongs that have various levels and centreline markings to ensure screws end up exactly where you want them. Furthermore, down the head are other angle guides and a detachable bubble level.

The Quik Stik has been designed to place your screws in a number of unique positions accurately. Here are the main three: narrow-face stud to the top plate, truss rafter offset from the stud, and wide-face stud to the top plate. If you check out the Simpson Strong-Tie website you will find other options and scenarios.

The Wrap-Up

It’s not every day you come across products and systems that can instantly save you and your team many days of work at a significant part of any job, like installation of trusses and rafters. Especially when the products used are fully certified and improve the load rating of your roof structure.

If you aren’t familiar with any of the Simpson Strong-Tie products we have discussed in this review do yourself a huge favour and get onto a rep who will happily visit you on-site and demonstrate the Quik Stik and other smart products, which will save you time and money as well as add stability and overall strength to your build.

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