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Simpson Strong-Tie Post Base And Caps

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A new faster solution for post to bearer connections. Simpson Strong-Tie CPTZ Concealed Post Supports have been a great success since their release three years ago.

They have now metricised the packaging to show 90mm, 140mm and 200mm post sizes. The look of the connector onto concrete is as attractive as the timber post they are holding in place.

The top of the post is equally as critical when we look at creating a secure load path. The Simpson Strong-Tie BC4Z and BC6Z is a quick and structurally sound fixing for the post to bearer or post to beam connection in any structure. Manufactured from ZMAX®, which has double the zinc coating of any other connectors, it can be used on treated timber with confidence, and 316 stainless steel is also available.

In the past, either skew nails, strapping or a joist tie have been used, which typically require two connectors or may not meet the required loads for either uplift or lateral force. Simply drop the Post cap onto the top of the cut post and you are ready to drop the bearer straight in with ease and confidence, no need to balance it on the post. While the post cap may look like it is an expensive connector, it retails for just $3.00.

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