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Simpson Strong-Tie LUS Double Shear Joist Hanger And Connector Fixings

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Simpson Strong-Tie love to create time-saving products for their installers to help them be more efficient and generate profit from their jobs. The joist hanger can not only be installed faster but it also has greater strength. The “LUS” as we will call it has many innovative features. Let’s take a closer look!

The big feature of the LUS is obviously the double shear nailing, which will distribute the load through two points on each joist nail for greater strength. This also allows the hanger to use fewer nails or fixings, which also helps with faster installation.

Speaking about fast installations, the LUS is super quick to install. Everything has been thought of for the install to make it as simple as possible. We’ll start with the speed prongs on each side of the hanger, which allow you to quickly position the hanger in the right spot so you can use two hands for nailing or screwing in the connectors. This great little feature makes life so much easier for the installer. The other innovative feature is the dome nailing guides for the double shear nailing. The two domes on each side guide the nail or screw into the joist at a 45-degree angle; it even holds it for you so you can get a good swing.

As we all know, time is money, so the team at Simpson Strong-Tie has designed this system to require half the amount of the smaller connector nails, which in turn will significantly reduce the installation time throughout the task. This system is all about a stronger end product while saving time.

The next feature is huge and I think I will see most builders and chippies switching to this system moving forward due to this next feature. The LUS is galvanised in Simpson Strong-Tie’s ZMAX coating, which will provide the hangers with protection from the elements. The hanger is basically receiving a double thickness coating of zinc, providing twice the protection.

This is massive, especially when working with treated timber or decks exposed to the elements. The fact that the price of the hanger is the same as a regular hanger, you would be mad not to opt for this higher level of protection and lifespan. When even further protection (coastal regions with higher salt content in the air) or a nicer aesthetic look is required, the LUS is also available in 316L stainless steel!

We have discussed how fast the LUS double shear joist hangers are to install with standard connectors, but Simpson Strong-Tie has a couple of other options to speed up installs even more. The use of the connector screws instead of connector nails allows you to quickly fit off the hangers with your impact driver for a quick and easy install. This way also allows you to remove them a lot easier if needed.

The other great system the apprentice will love you for is using the Simpson Strong-Tie CCN64 Collated Connector Nailer, which can drive 38mm and 65mm paper tape collated nails. It’s a pneumatic nailer with multiple bursts of hammer nails while minimising the risk of overdriving the connector. The connector hole on the hanger is easily located as the nail protrudes out from the tip of the tool so you can physically and visually line up each connector with ease. This system is seriously quick and easy – you will have the apprentice punching out an entire job in hours, not days. I’ve seen trades using their Paslodes to nail all of the nails, which inspectors don’t like and will not pass because it can ruin the integrity of the hangers, grips etc. Therefore, use the right gun or connector screws because it’s actually easier and a lot better!

Give your local Simpson Strong-Tie rep a call to give you a demo of the LUS Double Shear Joist Hanger with the CCN64. While you are there check out their massive range of connector screws and a tonne of other products on offer. Simpson Strong-Tie has a huge range and great customer service!

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