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Simpson Strong Tie – Fastening solutions

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Like many things in the world we live in, fasteners in the construction industry ARE rapidly changing, with constant development in fastener performance and speed of install.

Simpson Strong-Tie manufactures a range of fasteners for timber, steel and concrete and continues to develop new products to reduce installed cost. Decades ago we used hand nails for fixing timber, but now we have nail guns and connector plates to increase speed and joining capacity. Screws had to be pre-drilled and now they have features that don’t require this. We have developed a collated system to increase the speed and accuracy to reduce this installed cost. The Quik Drive collated system has been the market leader in Australia for the past 12 years and Simpson Strong-Tie continues to develop fasteners that reduce the installed cost by saving time.

Simpson Strong-Tie is a global leader in timber connectors and these are now available here in Australia. The fastening of timber with connectors is a more efficient way of achieving strength and added load capacity. Simpson Strong-Tie in Australia will continue to introduce new connectors into the market to assist in building better structures more efficiently. With a broad range of fasteners to offer, this means you can use different products to achieve the same or better solution for your fastening needs.

Simpson Strong-Tie will continue to develop better fastening solutions for the construction industry.

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