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Simpson Strong-Tie® EB-TY Premium® Hidden Deck-Fastening System™

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Premium decking deserves a premium hidden deck-fastening system.

There is nothing quite like a premium hardwood timber deck to add the perfect finishing touch to a beautiful outdoor living space. Let the beauty of timber shine through with the all new EB-TY Premium Hidden Deck-Fastening System.

Simpson Strong-Tie redesigned the award-winning EB-TY Hidden Deck-Fastening System by integrating a 316 stainless-steel reinforcing plate that prevents screw over-driving and adds stiffness to the concealed fix system to not only hold boards securely, but maintain flexibility when seasonal contraction and expansion of the timber occurs.

To make installation easier, the innovative patent-pending EB-GUIDE precisely positions the location of the screw through faster pre-drilling at the correct angle giving you consistent spacing, a uniform height and allows you to work ahead. This combined with the chamfered edges of the EB-TY Premium allows for easy insertion of the timber decking board and all screwed in place with 7-gauge x 55mm 305 or 316 stainless steel fasteners (model dependant).

Each box comes with 175 EB-TY Premium biscuit fasteners, 190 screws, 12 Merbau style hardwood plugs for first and last decking board, an innovative EB-GUIDE, 1/8” (3mm) quick-release drill bit and a T-15 6-lobe quick release driver bit (can be used with an impact driver).

The EB-TY Premium Hidden Deck-Fastening System is available from Simpson Strong-Tie stockists.

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