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Simpson Strong Tie® Deck-Drive™ Premium Fasteners

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If building decks and balconies is your thing, then the new range of Simpson Strong Tie® Deck-Drive™ will be a game-changer for you – they remove the time-consuming task of predrilling decking boards.

The range includes eight variations of screws covering pretty much every material scenario possible. In today’s test we are specifically looking at the new DSD Hardwood screws, but included in the range are screws designed for everything from exotic hardwoods to various coloured composited and everything in between.

If you’re thinking to yourself: “Remove the need for predrilling on hard wood… really?” I think you will be pleasantly surprised with this system. To start there is a Gal and a 316 stainless steel variation, which both sport a clean cutting head with a great look. A knurled shank then works to clean out the clearance hole in the board. A low torque design means fast and easy screwing while a nice, broad head allows a superior clamping force to lock those boards down flat to prevent cupping, which can occur with small or narrow head screws.

Innovation Saving Time And Money

Simpson Strong-tie has essentially built its name around providing innovative and intelligent solutions to fixings and fasteners – these DSD Decking screws are no exception. The days of squeaky boards that have been nailed and move are long gone, but with it so has the time-consuming process of predrilling. While we are on the subject of saving time, these screws come in both loose packs of individual screws or collated strips for the Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Drive® system when used with the Decking Clip, perfectly positions the screw for you in the same spot every time – massively reducing time again and improving the detailed look of the deck.

Simpson Strong Tie® Deck-Drive™ Screws

  • Available in loose and collated for the Quik Drive system
  • Innovative, time-saving design
  • Low torque for easy driving
  • Broad head for maximum clamping force
  • Knurled shank creates clearance hole in decking board
  • For timber and hardwood decking to timber joist
  • Available in 316 Stainless and Gal
  • Removes time-consuming process of predrilling

Test Time

The test involved visiting a local business that had recently put down a large area of spotted gum using the system. It had been down for a few months and there were a few areas where we could put in a screw here and there. We used both a drill and the Quik Drive system to install several screws. It takes a second or so for the head to penetrate the hardwood, then it sinks into the timber, self-drilling and cleaning the hole out at the same time. It’s an impressive and effective system.

There is a 6-lobe drive with flat countersinking head. The thread is coarse as it leads down to the hardwood drill point. A bit for the 6-lobe drive is included inside the lid of the screw packaging.

Was the look of the final product as clean as a predrilled countersunk screw?

No, but I think that in 90 per cent of cases it won’t be a problem – unless you quoted for a ‘top-end finish’, this system will be perfect.

Regardless of the type decking you’re using for your next project, make sure you check out the Simpson Strong-Tie Deck-Drive range, which includes the following options:

  1. DSD Hardwood Screw
  2. DHSD Hardwood Screw
  3. DHW Hardwood Screw
  4. DWP Wood SS Screw
  5. DSV Softwood Screw
  6. BFHSD Bi-Metal Screw (Timber to Steel)
  7. DCU Composite Screw (Composite to Timber)
  8. DCSD Composite Screw (Composite to Steel)

For maximum efficiency use the Quik Drive system, which is the fastest auto-feed screw driving system on the market. You will save tonnes of time, and more importantly, you will be doing your back a massive favour.

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