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Construction Fasteners How Do We Compare?

When we consider how many construction fasteners are used every day and the lives that are at risk if they fail, we really have to ask, how do you compare brands and how are they tested?

With concrete fasteners, there is a new Australian Standard, AS5216-2018, which is heavily linked to European Technical Approvals (ETA). This allows all manufacturers and suppliers the ability to present their data in a format that allows their performance to be easily compared to other brands. All of these, if they comply, are tested in the same way to give the clearest comparison of the brands.

Simpson Strong-Tie has a range of chemical and mechanical anchoring products with published data that complies with these test methods. You, as the installer, can be assured that the loads Simpson Strong-Tie publish meet these testing standards.

Fasteners for timber are somewhat different when builders are asked: why do you prefer to use that particular fastener? Many say “it goes in easily”. Others say “it looks better”. Occasionally we will hear “well, I think it holds better”.

Clamping or holding force is vital in most fastening applications because we are typically holding or clamping two pieces of timber or sheet together. Whether it be a rafter to the top plate, sheet flooring onto the joist or sleepers in the garden bed, it is all about the clamping force.

At Simpson Strong-Tie they pioneered the practice of screwing down sheet flooring so that the sheet is held firmly against the joist and with the extra hold of the glue, the floor is secure without squeaks. This has now become part of the Standard AS1860. The use of their SDWS screws for fastening studs to top and bottom plates for wall manufacture is another good example of the clamping force that the Simpson Strong-Tie screws have over batten screws or even connector straps.

The use of the SDWC truss to top plate screw gives the performance and uplift of connectors with the speed and ease of driving a single screw. This has been a great addition to the range that building surveyors are now looking for, and specifying. There is no need to climb the ladder to ensure that the nails are in the holes. The time saving is huge with no drop in structural integrity.

Simpson Strong-Tie is the largest manufacturer of timber connectors globally. The placement of the nail into the hole of the connector is vital to the performance of the connection. While this has not been monitored closely in the past, the release and promotion of the CCN64 Connector Nailer has meant it is fast becoming the preferred fixing solution for strapping and connectors. The correct nail into the hole with the right amount of force – a perfect connection that meets the building code.

At Simpson Strong-Tie they are focused on developing new technology to ensure fasteners continue to meet or exceed the expectations of the user. How do you develop a screw that goes in quicker and yet clamps as best as possible? This is the aim, and becomes Simpson Strong-Tie’s No Equal promise to Helping You Build Safer Stronger Structures.

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