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SENCO Joistpro™150

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SENCO has released a great new tool for the Australian job site: the JoistPro 150 – a dedicated 38mm metal connector nailer, which will save time and money on site.

On a new build or extension there is usually a tonne of triple grips, joist hangers, rafter ties, post bases and caps, foundation anchors and many other metal framing hardware that take hundreds of connector nails over the length of the job. Usually, an excellent job for the apprentice but it can sometimes take a while, especially when the apprentice is hitting his thumb more often than the nail head.

Time Is Money

The JoistPro 150 will drastically reduce the time and effort needed to complete framing and roofing by nailing triple grips and other brackets/ connectors in seconds, not minutes. Times that by the amount of rafters and hangers you have onsite, and you can see the savings I’m getting at!

The JoistPro 150’s nosepiece is specifically designed to leave the leading nail exposed and what this does is makes it extremely quick and easy to align it into the preformed hole of a metal connector. You can literally put the head of the nail in the hole before firing – so quick and easy it’s ridiculous! When a nail and the hole is aligned, and the trigger is depressed, the two-stage moving nose moves out from the tool and detects the work surface before firing. If the nose does not detect the work surface, it will not fire. This feature keeps the gun super safe with no accidental firings and provides easy and fantastic accuracy when working hard and fast.

Quick, Easy And Accurate

The JoistPro 150 will ensure the user can easily nail through the predrilled bracket holes instead of the bracket itself, which in turn ensures the bracket’s integrity is not compromised and maximises the holding capacity/tolerance of the bracket. Any nails or holes placed into connectors that weren’t manufactured produce weak spots and will be failed by accessors. Providing a quick, easy and accurate solution to installing connectors ensures a level of strength and integrity that stands up to the strength that the original connector manufacturer designed the product for.

The SENCO JoistPro 150 is extremely powerful, robust and can drive nails through engineered lumber. The build quality is substantial and you can really feel the strength and quality of the product. The rigours of life onsite won’t bring this gun undone – bumps, knocks, drops and impacts will just be another day on site for the JoistPro 150. It’s lightweight, well balanced and effortless to use for long periods of time without fatigue. The nailer is constructed with durable, high-quality materials; you won’t see much plastic on these nailers, while still being lightweight!

 Save time, and in turn, save money!

A minimal outlay for the nailer will give you huge returns in the future.

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