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Sealants Spoilt For Choice!

by admin2

Tradie’s are spoilt for choice when it comes to sealants on the market today.

I’m sure all you contractors and tradies know the feeling. You walk into the hardware store to grab a sealant or adhesive for a set task and you are met by a wall of new and confusing options. Let’s face it, most of us end up walking out of the store with the same product you have been using for years, purely and simply because it’s the one you know, and it works. When in fact there are entire new ranges that work a hell a lot better than the old faithful you have in your hand, which are a lot safe and better on the nose and the environment too!

The good news is that there are now ranges that have been created to take the confusion out of the mix with fewer products that are specifically designed using the latest technologies to make your life stress free.

So now the simple question is, what kind of qualities do I need for the job at hand?

Do I need a quick setting bond that will hold my parts in place with the need to use screws or fixing? Do I need a sealant that has plenty of flex to ensure my bond stays true and strong. Do I need a sealant with flex but rated to last the rigours of water and UV light? Or perhaps I need a clear drying seal or bond. Today’s sealants and adhesives can stand up to fire and heat in either interior or exterior locations.

So, there is no need to have a degree in chemistry to figure out which product you need with good companies simplifying the range and clearly and easily marking labels. New technologies include an emerging adhesive technology known as Modified Sily Polymers or MSP. These new products include all the best advantages of Silicon and Polyurethane technologies yet boast even greater strengths. All of this is now possible except without the harsh fumes and harmful effects on the environments.

Therefore, regardless whether you’re looking to adhere wood, metal, plaster, plastics, masonry or glass, you can now rest assured there is a product that will do the job with ease.

I actually had an unloading timber incident not long ago which saw a 6m length of 90×45 take out the side mirror. Leaving it dangling like a dislocated shoulder. Well let’s just say the black adhesive that has locked it back in place is barely visible and hasn’t budged a bit. Impressive stuff!

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