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RSEA The Safety Experts

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When it comes to safety on Australian job sites there is no other business that keeps you covered like RSEA Safety.

From easy-to-purchase protective gear and workwear for any tradie, through to traffic signage hire and on-site safety solutions for large-scale projects, RSEA can meet the safety needs of individuals, small businesses and global corporations.

RSEA started back in 1993 as purely a road safety equipment hire business – hence the initialised name formed from Road Safety Equipment Australia. One of their earliest products, a revolutionary portable steel traffic barrier known as Zoneguard, is still proudly part of their portfolio today. And even though the privately-owned company has diversified, RSEA’s hiring department is still a large part of their business. They can supply variable message boards, traffic lights, speed advisory boards, lighting towers, crowd control barriers, bollards, signage and safety cones to all major road construction, capital works and local event traffic management crews.

Over the years RSEA Safety has grown exponentially to become one of the largest retailers of general workplace safety products in Australia. They have over 50 superstores Australia-wide, strategically placed around the country to service both metropolitan and regional locations, with most centres averaging over 1000 square-metres in size. In these outlets you can find a wide range of workwear, uniforms, footwear, PPE, workplace safety, lighting, road safety, safety signage, first aid, cleaning and emergency products. RSEA Safety are the exclusive supplier of some of the world’s best brands including Carhartt Workwear, Shoes for Crews, Timberland Pro and Wolverine boots, and they proudly stock all the other major labels in the industry such as CAT, Eleven, FDX, Steel Blue, Blundstone, Oliver, 3M, Ansell, Honeywell, Boll’e, Uvex, Coleman, Stanley and Brady.

On top of their massive retail footprint, RSEA Safety also have six distribution centres, five safety equipment hire depots and 16 embroidery facilities. They not only supply workwear, they can tailor personalised uniforms for specific clients and specific needs. They can get your team fully kitted out in branded gear that keeps them safe, feeling comfortable and looking professional. over the years, the business still remains grounded and true to its main purpose of servicing their clients. In an industry that is renowned for poor, DIY service, RSEA are the polar opposite in that everything they do is purely customer focused. And that customer can be anyone from an independent contractor, through to a corporate conglomerate.

“We are more than just retail,” Mark said, and it’s true; RSEA doesn’t just supply safety equipment and workwear, they also provide free safety advice, guidance and nvaluable educational resource material. They have a team of over 30 safety experts around Australia who offer onsite safety audits and assist in identifying the right safety solutions and equipment for a company’s needs. You can even send project drawings or plans to them and they’ll provide recommendations. RSEA Safety also have their highly qualified retail staff who bring local, personalised knowledge to best serve their in-store customers.

Outside of the working environment, RSEA Safety are also extremely generous with involvement in sponsorship, education, training and development initiatives. Even though they don’t like to boast about it, they were ranked in the Top 20 Best Workplaces To Give Back in 2019 for their contribution to the community.

“We will continue to rigorously source and supply the best products and solutions to meet the needs of Australian Industries,” concluded Mark. And in industries where there can be no compromise on safety, RSEA is one of the most trusted name in the game.”

For more information visit [colored_box color=”yellow”]www.rsea.com.au[/colored_box]

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