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Rob & Lily

by admin2

How did Lily get her name?

Her name is short for Tiger Lily because of her brindle fur.


What breed is Lily?

Staffy cross Shar Pei.


How old is she?

18 months.


How did you find her?

I found Lily in a pet shop when she was eight weeks old. She was with her brothers and sisters and while they were all crying and fighting, Lily was sitting down behind them on her own being really quiet and just watching them with an innocent look on her face. From that point on I knew Lily was coming home with me.


Any special tricks or training?

When the sun goes down at the end of the day and it starts to get dark, Lily will knock with her paw on the sliding glass door when she is ready to come inside to relax in front of the television.


How to you rate obedience?

Lily’s obedience is really good, especially when you show her treats. When you have treats, she is on her best behaviour. LOL.


Tell us a funny story about Lily.

On occasion my Italian mum will cook Lily pasta for dinner. Lily has become fussy with her pasta and expects it to have a lot of sauce on top. If you are stingy on the sauce she will refuse to eat it. She is a true Italian.


What’s the best thing about your mate?

The best thing about my little mate is the unconditional love she has for me, my family and friends. She’s a gentle dog with a big heart and when I have a bad day she always manages to put a smile on my face.