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RIDGID® ST-305R Line Location Transmitter

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RIDGID® Australia announces the NEW ST-305R Transmitter, as part of RIDGID®’s commitment to continual development of technological precision products.

The ST-305R Transmitter is an addition to the RIDGID® location equipment line-up. It is a compact yet powerful multi-frequency transmitter to be used with any RIDGID® SeekTech® or NaviTrack® receiver.

Key features of the NEW ST-305R are: Provides flexible power options of either an optional Lithium-Ion 18V rechargeable battery or 6 C-cell alkaline batteries, Lightweight, compact transmitter that delivers up to five watts of power, transmits two frequencies simultaneously to allow optimal frequency selection and audio feedback confirms a good circuit before beginning a trace.

18V battery pictured not included. 2.5Ah or 5Ah batteries and charger are available separately.

The RIDGID® Tool Company is a world leading manufacturer of professional quality pipe and tube working tools serving the plumbing, mechanical, construction, HVAC, location, electrical and facility maintenance industries.

The RIDGID® trademark is recognized by professional tradespersons and engineers for uncompromising product quality, performance, durability and service.

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