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Ridgid Micro CA-350 Inspection Camera

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I’m sure most tradies have been in a situation where they wished they could see behind a wall, into a vent or down a pipe to see exactly where a certain problem lay, before ripping through wall sheeting or jackhammering up concrete.

Well the good news is that the team at Ridgid has that perfect product, which can fit into tiny areas to give you the vision and info you need to make important decisions, rather than just guessing and hoping for the best.

The micro CA-350 Inspection Camera is a compact and lightweight unit, which not only allows you to view but also record still images and videos to pass on to third parties for reporting purposes. When mounted on a RIDGID microReel, it allows viewing and recording up to 100 ft or 30.48m.

A 12V rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides good runtime. Another great feature is the four LEDs with adjustable brightness, which were attached to the end of the camera cable. The camera itself comes with a 17mm camera head and an optional smaller 6mm camera head is available for those really small spaces.

It was now time to fire up the camera and when opening the plastic moulded carry case we found a very tidy arrangement of camera and handheld viewer. These items easily fitted together, along with a host of cool accessories to further aid in the viewing process. We were ready to start inspecting hidden areas in a matter of minutes.

The first port of call was a power point where we removed the cover so we could see in behind the wall and inspect cabling that had been playing up. We used the 17mm camera for this, and it lit up behind the wall area perfectly. The issue was found within minutes.

Next we swapped over to the 6mm camera and used it down a kitchen drainpipe, which fitted easily in between the small holes of the drain. The 1m length camera cable revealed that I did need to buy some draino and sort out that pipe.

Our next test was to check out an external drain pipe that turned out to be an overflow from the laundry downstairs, which was news to me. For plumbers and sparkies the addition of a 30m SeeSnake microReel is another great asset to this system.

The micro CA-350 Inspection Camera is perfect for plumbers, electricians like myself and other professionals like air conditioning installers, mechanics and anyone else who needs to see areas where the human eye just can’t reach. I could even see the potential for a bit of espionage with this system (LOL). I loved the option to record to the SD card and plug into the laptop. There is a 8GB SD card included, which can be upgraded to 32GB. The moulded case for easy transport and protection of the system is another great addition.

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