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RIDGID® FlexShaft® Nylon & Nylon/Steel Brushes For FlexShaft® Drain Machines

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RIDGID® Australia announces a NEW range of brushes to suit the RIDGID® FlexShaft machines as part of RIDGID®’s commitment to continual development of technological precision products.

The brushes come in various sizes and suit either the K9-102 FlexShaft or the K9-204 FlexShaft. IMPORTANT: Use the applicable securing ring in front of the Nylon or Nylon/Steel brush for additional support to prevent losing the brush in pipe during use.

Gentle cleaning when the pipe/drain is either in a fragile condition or made of very thin material, follow-up cleaning after using a chain knocker and as a centering device for chain knockers.

Ideal for detailed and light-grinding of various pipe types, clean and grind plastic pipes where the use of chain knockers may cause damage, follow-up tool after chain knocker usage to clear further debris from the pipe with water, flowing, nylon/steel brushes are slightly larger in diameter than the equivalent size nylon brush, used to prepare a PVC pipe before relining. The soft grinding of the inner surface of PVC pipe helps with adhesion of the liner material.

The RIDGID®Tool Company is a world leading manufacturer of professional quality pipe and tube working tools serving the plumbing, mechanical, construction, HVAC, location, electricaland facility maintenance industries. The RIDGID® trademark is recognized by professional tradespersons and engineers for uncompromising product quality, performance, durability and service.

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