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RIDGID C34-AU C- Cutter

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Ridge Tool Australia announces a new C-style close quarters copper tubing cutter.

The C34-AU C-cutter is an addition to the extensive range of high quality RIDGID tube cutters. One cutter cuts two sizes, ½” and ¾” copper tube with a quick flick of a switch. No more carrying around two cutters when this tool cuts both sizes.

Snap-on feature for a quick pipe connection and no size adjustment, saving valuable time

Spring loaded cutter wheel provides a constant pressure on pipe providing fast and straight cuts every time

RIDGID’s X-CEL® Wheel Pin for quick wheel replacement. No tools or disassembly of the housing required

Heavy Duty Construction Enclosed in zinc die cast housing

Unique screwdriver slots in the housing provide the extra leverage for making the cut in extremely tight spaces

The Ridge Tool Company is a world leading manufacturer of professional quality pipe and tube working tools serving the plumbing, mechanical, construction, HVAC, location, electrical and facility maintenance industries. The RIDGID® trademark is recognised by professional tradespersons and engineers for uncompromising product quality, performance, durability and service.

[colored_box color=”yellow”]Contact Ridge Tool Australia. Phone 1800 743 443, E mail [email protected]

For more information visit www.ridgid.com.au [/colored_box]

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