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Review To Cut Red Tape In Planning And Building

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The Housing Industry Association (HIA) welcomes the Victorian Government’s announcement that it will be undertaking a review of State and Local Government processes surrounding planning and building.

The Commissioner for Better Regulation and Red Tape will undertake the review, paying close attention to building and planning approvals and early works infrastructure approvals, aiming to streamline Local and State Government planning systems and reduce red tape and delay said Fiona Nield, HIA’s Victorian Executive Director.

“Delays in planning approvals and excess red tape are a huge burden to the home building sector and HIA welcomes the Government’s initiative in addressing these problems,” said Ms Nield.

“At a time when there is an expected slowdown in building activity in Victoria, but with population growing at a healthy rate, it is important that Victoria’s planning and building approval systems are able to help the industry keep up with growing demand for housing.

“This means not only doing away with excess red tape and lengthy delays, but also means keeping existing programs and processes that contribute to keeping supply of housing that is affordable strong.” Ms Nield stated that is also important the Government keeps in mind that the entire planning system might not need an overhaul and a focus on the application of the current planning requirements and the operational delays in the current system might help in creating efficiencies. “There are also a number of projects currently being undertaken by Government in consultation with industry that are geared towards improving planning and building processes. These can be expanded upon,” said Ms Nield. “For example the Smart Planning

Program has steadily rolled out a number of improvements to the Victorian Planning Provisions.

“Similarly the Streamlining for Growth Program, which deals with the creation of urban land, needs to continue in consultation with industry and local government to focus on the efficient delivery of land and associated infrastructure in metropolitan Melbourne’s Growth Corridors,” concluded Ms Nield.

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