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Renault offers power trucking

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Legendary trade electrical supplier Middy’s has taken the Master cab-chassis to heart.

Middendorp Electric Co Pty Ltd, more commonly known as Middy’s, is an institution within the Australian electrical industry.

More than one year ago, Middy’s took delivery of their first Renault Master truck and they’ve been so impressed another 14 have been purchased with more on order. The Renault is proving to be a valuable and profitable business tool for Middy’s as their Fleet and Services Officer, Rob Hall, a 16-year veteran of Middy’s explains:

“While I was considering which direction to go, I looked at many manufacturers and with Renault being the number one light commercial brand in Europe for the past 16 years (at that time), I had to take a close look. The size and carrying capacity of the Master also attracted me.”

After more than a year with the Masters, Rob’s decision has been vindicated with the positive feedback from staff members who drive them. They appreciate the luxury of the cabin, which is very car-like, and their excellent power.

The other key factor and purchasing decision is they can be driven with a passenger car license, even with their extended body and 4.7m trays. The tray length and exceptional carrying capacity of 2,500kg, mean the Masters can carry up to six pallets and three loads of conduit at once.

Several staff members throughout a working week drive the Masters, though mostly the branch store person doubles as the delivery driver.

The Renault can be loaded up with enough stock for multiple deliveries to many customers, without having to return to the branch two or three times each day to reload. It is not just building sites they deliver to, but also new estates being developed, and thanks to the carrying capacity of the Master, productivity has improved for both Middy’s and their customers.

“Running costs are equally important and in the first year each Master has travelled around 50,000km, averaging 11.0-litres per 100km fully loaded, which is a lot better than the previous vehicles we have used,” Rob says.

“The load capacity of the Masters means several deliveries can be made each trip, reducing maintenance costs,” he says.

Driver feedback has been excellent and the first thing Rob noticed was the end of calls from staff complaining about sore backs, thanks to passenger car-like comforts and outstanding ergonomics.

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