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Reforms To Improve The Building And Construction Industry

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Plans to overhaul the building and construction industry will improve transparency, accountability and quality of work.

The changes form part of the NSW Building Commissioner, David Chandler’s work plan. The plan outlines how the NSW Government will overhaul the building and construction industry under six reform pillars.

Six Reform Pillars

  • Building a better regulatory framework
  • Building ratings systems
  • Building skills and capabilities
  • Building better procurement methods
  • Building a digital future
  • Building the reputation for quality research

The six reform pillars will not be driven by government alone. Each of the pillars will be underpinned by its own working group, made up of professionals with knowledge and experience in the subject area.

A new rating system will help the building regulator determine who the risky players are in the industry and prevent defective apartments from being sold to unexpecting buyers.

NSW Building Commissioner, David Chandler said the old days of being reactionary to problems in the industry can’t continue.

“The government has a great deal of resources available, including inspectors, which is why we need to make sure we’re using those resources in the best way possible to protect consumers from major defects,” Mr Chandler said.

The proposed reforms will require NSW Parliament to pass the NSW Government’s Design and Building Practitioners Bill.

The NSW Upper House will resume debate on the Bill in the last week of February 2020.

[colored_box color=”yellow”]Find out more about the Design and Building Practitioners Bill,www.fairtrading.nsw. gov.au/consultation-tool/design-and-building-practitioners-bill-2019[/colored_box]

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