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Rebar Tying Made Easy

by admin2

Tying rebar on site can be an arduous task when done by hand. Airco’s Rebar Tying Tool has completely revolutionised the process, allowing the user to securely tie a knot in 0.9 seconds. Each knot is composed of 3 wraps around the rebar, ensuring a tight and secure hold, and can be adjusted to suit the required tension.

The Rebar Tying Tool has a simple wire feed system, and once fed through you are good to go. The hooked nose piece is designed to pull the rebar together to ensure the tie is as secure as possible. Then with an easy squeeze of the trigger, the tool ties and cuts the wire in the blink of an eye. No carrying, twisting and cutting loose wire, it is all simplified in this ingenious tool resulting in less user fatigue and repetitive stress injuries.

The Airco Rebar Tying tool is lightweight, portable and easy to use. All that is required is one hand to operate the unit, which comes with two 14.4v / 3.0AH Li-ion batteries that can put out 3200 ties per charge.

The unit can carry a 100m wire spool and efficiently uses approximately 780mm (3 wraps) per knot. This ensures you can plan for a job easily with less chance of wire wastage and ensure your team is tying correctly each and every time. The tying capacity of the Airco Rebar Tying Tool is 12 to 40mm for an effective knot which will suit most applications.

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