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Ramset Chemset™ 801 XTREM™ And Ankascrew™

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Ramset is a name with a long history in the building game and for me it evokes memories of being shown how to use an explosive Ramset Gun into steel beams. This meant I didn’t need to drill 100 holes into the beam… I loved that gun!

When the Ramset products arrived for the test I knew instantly that these products would have an important role to many trades around Australia. The ChemSet™ 801 XTREM™and AnkaScrew™ are products that are going to simplify and improve significant tasks around fixing and anchoring to substrates.

Chemset™ 801 XTREM™

As the name suggests this two-component alkaline-resistant Vinyl Ester is seriously strong and reliable for extra security, and provides a high strength bond for diamond and carbide drilled holes.

I’ve been using my mate’s worksite for a few tests of late because it’s an impressive site and he had just installed a set of steel stairs made up of floating treads that are bolted to the wall. The steel treads had been individually fixed and all the bolts that had been fixed to the wall were set using the ChemSet™ 801 XTREM™. The feedback on the product was impressive. The strength was awesome and after doing their research the boys decided that the 801 XTREM™ was the best product for the job. Its fast curing properties were impressive and its sag-resistant formula made it perfect for horizontal holes.

In our testing the product was easy to dispense with self-mixing nozzles. We drilled a test hole into a floor slab that was going to be tiled over. In the kit are the pump and brush to ensure all debris is cleaned from the hole. Three pumps and brushes normally do the trick but we gave it four just to be sure. You will need to make sure you feed the air tube right to the bottom of your hole to remove all dust and debris. If the hole is wet use a vac and brush to remove as much water as possible. Next, fill the hole to about 2/3 full and insert your threaded rod or reinforcing bar and wait for it to dry, which for us only took about 30 minutes because it was a very hot day. But even at 25 degrees you are still only looking at around five minutes of working time and 40 minutes for setting.

Wercs Ankascrew™ Screw-In Anchor

If you are looking for optimum engagement for higher loads on mechanical anchors that can be easily removed if required without sacrificing performance, the Screw-In Anchors are for you. By design, strong anchors mean that concrete shearing will occur before the anchor itself fails.

The WERCS AnkaScrew™ Screw-In Anchor has been designed with a single-pitch fine thread to get the absolute best bite out of the thread. Testing has shown this system offers better pull-out load than double threads on competitor products. The AnkaScrew™ system was easy to install and remove from the concrete walls we tested the product in. I’ll be looking straight to this system for any mechanical anchoring needs in the future.

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